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An Efficiency Of Complex B2B Product: Conveniently For Client, Favorably For A Company -

An efficiency of complex B2B product: conveniently for client, favorably for a company


Working out of “all inclusive” package of goods and services it is the one of the ways to provide a company with constant clients, large orders and to raise it’s competitiveness on the market. Time costs a lot in business and clients among business sector know it exactly. Save their time and money and you will see how your own business goes uphill. Complex B2B product is an actual theme for all companies including manufacturers of furniture or medical equipment. Continue reading to learn more.

Type of clients which are ready to bypass hundred shops in order to save money everywhere they can, is appropriate more likely for b2c than for business for business sector. The companies know a “price” of their working time; therefore clients in B2B prefer to get the complex product or complex service. An economy is always actual theme for any business sector, at any time, and doesn’t matter, if it is world financial crisis or economic growth. Clients in B2B (i.e. commercial structures) and retail buyers are not ready to overpay for the goods or services. However a balanced “all inclusive” package involves clients with its convenience, an economy of time and a price level.

What is a complex B2B product?

As an example, we will disassemble the tourist permit into its components: flight, transfer, residing, food, insurance, visa, a set of excursions, guide’s and translator’s services. Let its cost be 1 thousand euros. What can happen if a tourist makes a tourist program by himself? Flight can be more expensive. Travel agencies buy air tickets “by the gross” and long before plane. That’s why a final price is less than a tourist can pay for it. Transfer (a taxi) is much more expensive rather than the bus with tourists (counting per one seat). It is necessary to search for accommodation and, besides, residing cost will be more expensive too (because of the same: “wholesale” purchasing reason). Insurance and tourist visa will take certain time (in times exceeding tourist agencies’ service). There is always a risk not to get this visa because of some circumstances. The individual guide’s and translator’s services will be in several times more expensive then per group, as well as excursions’ prices. Total price for “individuality” is more money and more time to spend.

Let’s do the same with complex business service or wholesale goods: Company A produces certain goods. Company B is carrier of cargoes and partner of company A. And under partner program’s conditions company B provides a discount for transportation of the goods made by A. Company C is insurer and partner of company A (in this case discount system is similar). Benefits for the client, who orders wholesale goods, consists, on the one hand, in saving a time for searches and negotiations with other companies, on the other hand, in reducing the costs of transportation, insurance and etc.

Does your company produce anything or provide business services, every time meeting new client try to count how much this company is ready to pay for complex service and try to look forward, i.e. which advantages can bring this client for your commercial future.

Wholesale goods: what to offer the clients, where to find partners.

Purchase of wholesale goods is accompanied by following services: packing, transportation, documents and cargo insurance. As an additional bonus for large wholesale client you can offer free marketing research of the market of these goods or exclusive goods’ manufacturing. Where to find partners? It is possible to do on diversified business-to-business marketplace, such as B2B Club. In a corresponding category carriers, insurers, suppliers of raw materials and other companies which can be interesting as future business partners are presented. Contact information is accessible to every user of electronic b2b catalogue.

Advantages of ordering “complex” goods for the clients are: saving time, bonus and discounts, convenience, supplier guarantees. In other words, if you offer a certain carrier, it means you are assured of its reliability.

Benefits from offering the “complex” goods for the company-manufacturer are: long-term business ties in b2b sector, reliable partnership with partners, high level of clients’ satisfaction, competitive advantages on the market. Besides, offering complex services provides future prospects to a gradual diversification of company’s commercial activity. As an example, if cargoes transportation service will be claimed among buyers, company-manufacturer can open special department or an affiliated company which is engaged in transportation of own goods or the goods of other firms.

Benefits from participation in the partner program for the third-side companies are: new clients, long-term business ties in b2b sector. For this reason these companies willingly render discounts for own services.

An equipment: what to offer the clients, where to find partners.

Sale of any kind of equipment (telecommunication, energy saving equipment, chemical, medical and so on) can be accompanied by: packing, transportation, insurance, installation, adjustment, testing, personnel training and guarantee repair. Postselling service, installation of the additional equipment (illumination and etc. if those are not provided in the contract) can be an additional bonus for clients.

To get information about transportation, cargoes’ insurance conditions, schedule by sea, air or auto transport check out logistics companies among b2b trading platform’s registered users. At first, it is necessary to receive the fullest information about conditions and prices for offered services. Further, prepare detailed commercial offer which will interest future business partner. In a case with industrial equipment offer’s text can be the following: “Our company realizes from … to … units of equipment N (dimensions, weight, transportation conditions) annually. Most of our clients are territorially located in Russia, Eastern Europe and etc. We suggest your company to become our official carrier on mutually advantageous conditions for both of our companies».

Complex business service: what to offer the clients, where to find partners.

Complex business service is possible “to be added” by: a primary analysis of company’s activity; a primary and stage-by-stage marketing researches; staff outsourcing services or equipment leasing at a certain stage of work; professional business trainers’ services; foreign languages and other corporate trainings.

To find partners is possible both on the Internet and among colleagues, well-known local companies. Sphere of business services is limited territorially, in most of the cases it is one city or one country. Therefore searching for business partner on regional level or using additional searching lines (“country”, “city”) on b2b electronic marketplace is more effective.

Complex service on b2b market possesses the big prospects. Business clients are not ready to spend “precious” working time for vanity. Addressing to the main company (to company-manufacturer, official dealer, supplier of raw materials), such clients wish to receive complex and corresponding services. Complex service is a product of another level. Providing company can easily master new segment, present new b2b product to the high competitive market. Read more about 7 simple ideas how to replace money in B2B sector.


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