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B2B Case Study: Website Optimization And Advancement Depending On Different Groups Of Goods And Services -

B2B case study: website optimization and advancement depending on different groups of goods and services


In the course of purchase the majority of clients in B2B sector address to online information. It confirms a necessity of having quality and well-done corporate website. All goods and services in B2B have been broken into 4 main groups and each group has been analyzed. Raise website usability up and your sales will raise up also.

Let’s start from the necessity of having corporate page on the Internet. A lot of B2B companies’ owners are sure that optimization and advancement of a corporate site are necessary only for those companies which sell something online. But it isn’t so. Some of corporate websites do not provide “online buying” service. It makes sense, b2b products (industrial equipment especially) are specific and the final sales are made during personal meeting mostly. Corporate website is necessary to each B2B company. Site filling, design and appearance are connected with company’s purposes: build reputation as a successful company, raise the sales up and many others. Site should contain all necessary information and help potential clients to make a final decision (to buy). Note that corporate site isn’t enough for business success.

Optimization and advancement of corporate site depends on goods and services this company sells and provides. To determinate the best way to improve website all categories presented on B2B Club (international electronic marketplace) have been broken into 4 main groups:

Group A – wholesale FMCG, such as clocks, jewelry, clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, furniture, gifts and crafts, health and beauty products, food and beverage, merchandises for home, sport and entertainment, toys and others.
Group B – equipment: general industrial equipment, manufacturing and processing machinery, measurement and analysis instruments, telecommunication equipment and components.
Group C - minerals, metals and materials, chemicals.
Group D – business services, such as transportation, packaging, printing and publishing, trade show organization, education and training courses, insurance, security, translation and the other agency’s services.
Parameters for comparison are:

Keywords for advancement on the Internet;
Texts for site filling and external publications;
Internal links;
External links.
1. Let’s start from making a list of keywords. Keywords means client request in searching engine. According to the products’ and services’ types this list will change, however, there are some common points approaching for each group.

Group A. Start to make a list from goods name, type, and brand (clothes, dresses, trousers, jeans and etc.). The main words are: “wholesale”, “to buy”, “buy wholesale”: buy clothes wholesale, wholesale jeans.

Group B. Keywords’ list should contain: equipment name (industrial, telecommunication), brand (if it is well-known on the market) and purpose of using (manufacturing and processing machinery, equipment for restaurants, cinema, children entertainment center and etc.). The main words are: “supplier” and “manufacturer” (furniture manufacturer, communication cables supplier and etc.).

Group C. Make a list from raw materials names (oil, gas, golden, coal, copper, iron), mining place (coal from Russia, golden from Africa and so on), include the word “supplier” (silk supplier, copper supplier)

Group D. Keywords consist from service’s name (transportation, staff’s outsourcing, printing and publishing, advertising and many others) and place where this company operates if necessary (consulting services in Berlin, cargo delivery from Russian Federation and the CIS).

2. Texts. All the texts for site filling and external publications have something in common. The texts should describe goods and services as well as should be enough to attract clients’ attention. Emphasize competitive advantages, usability and necessity of these goods and services. The texts, both advertising and information, should be unique and include keywords.

There is one main nuance in writing advertising texts for B2B sites – a person, who will write these texts, should be chosen correctly.

Texts for Group A and D (wholesale FMCG and business services) can be written by marketing specialist and corrected by SEO (in order to optimize these texts for searching engines). As to other groups (equipment and raw materials), the problem is more complicated here. On the one hand advertising texts should attract clients’ attention (it is a work for marketing specialist) and be “searchable” for searching engines according to the keywords (it is a work for SEO specialist). On the other hand nobody knows so much about equipment and raw materials as a technical specialist does. Texts for Group B and D site should be written by all of them. How to do it?

a) Technical specialist writes the most important part of the text.

b) Marketing specialist adds key indicators of efficiency and makes this text “attractable”

c) Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist writes headings and adds keywords, which were chosen for the further advancement.

3. Internal links should make a work with site more convenient and more clear for the users. Some of the most useful ones are: “to get more information about product/service, enter the following page”; “if you have any question contact us”; “to learn more about delivery service click here”. Internal links are the “guides” for visitors, making their way much easier.

4. Where to place external links depends on company portfolio. For group A and B: content advertising, social networks’ communities, B2B market place and other business pages (forums, blogs). For group B and D: high specific and diversified B2B electronic marketplaces, governmental sites (.gov) and exhibition pages.

Direct external links have two main advantages. The first one is convenience for users (no need to type address and spend a time). The second one is additional indexation in searching engines.

Optimization and advancement of B2B websites can be more difficult than B2C or entertaining ones. The most important is to start from keywords. Interrogate existing and potential clients, use internal and external links, and publish texts and press releases on external pages.

In B2B, as in other marketing campaigns, logic, researches and creativity play the main role. Learn more about “online” secrets of Internet marketing.


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