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B2B: Global Sourcing And International Marketing -

B2B: Global sourcing and international marketing


“Global” questions are not new for business, especially for B2B. Working with overseas suppliers and operating on overseas markets is normal business practice. Nowadays multinational (global) B2B is based on Internet marketing, because …

“Global sourcing” term consists from overseas purchasing, international B2B market places, online marketing, transnational corporations and the whole world market for the produced goods and services. Global sourcing is a part of daily B2B markets’ operation.

In spite of the Internet is not a ‘new’ B2B marketing tool, it continues to be viewed as one of the revolutionizing ways of doing business and communication with counterparts. This ‘revolutionizing’ marketing tool has already changed the dynamics of business processes around the world, made it closer, faster, more operative, semi-languages speaking. In this connection there are certain doubts in addition Internet opportunities for B2B sector. What else can Internet do for the world B2B?

In each period of the world business development it may seem that nothing new and revolutionizing will happen. However, every time new tools, demand and supply appear on the world market and the same about Global network. Taking into account a large number of corporate websites (unfortunately, quantity doesn’t guarantee quality), trade platforms and other resources on the Internet its ‘business’ reserves are used not completely.

What is the Internet for international B2B today?

At the beginning of Internet introduction its potential (as a tool of world business operation) was underestimated by skeptics. Nowadays, the Internet is a huge business infrastructure: everything is built on the Internet, connected with Internet and depends on the Internet. Firstly, it’s the most powerful media channel in the whole world. Informational streams flowing through Internet users surpass offline resources in several times. Secondly, the Internet is a ‘public transport’ for companies. The visitors can choose a ‘route’ by themselves: regions, countries, continents. All they need is to sit down in a working armchair and enjoy a business ‘trip’. Thirdly, the Internet carries out the functions of connecting lines (emails), structures (industrial forum) and constructions (international B2B trade platform). Global network is also called as ‘business bridge’ by marketing specialists. It is a ‘bridge’ between supplier’s and manufacturer’s coasts, wholesaler’s and customer’s sides. In all of these cases, the Internet is a gateway for users (i.e. potential clients), who often tend to be located globally nowadays, for searching necessary information about markets, companies, goods and services offerings. For global business goals Internet marketing is the main facilitator in B2B communicating tasks.

What are the benefits from using Internet in B2B marketing?

The first benefit is ‘online revenues’. B2B turnover carried out through the Internet (online orders, online contacts, online markets) are significantly higher than online B2C turnover, estimated in money’s equivalent.

The Internet is a ‘cost-cutting tool’ for global marketing. Which costs does it reduce? The answer is: working hours, budget wasting and own forces. Firstly, it reduces the costs of searching from the both participants’ sides, buyers and seller, suppliers and customers, manufacturers and dealers. All the information you are looking for is couple of clicks away from been found. Most popular searching tools in all the world are: searching engines; categories and sub-categories on the global B2B marketplaces and industrial forums. The Internet reduces each kind of transaction cost, from paper wasting to tariffs on international calls.

The Internet is a multi-language translator for world business operations.

Among the other things online B2B marketing is more stable than offline analogues or B2C ones. B2C sector in comparison with B2B is more likely to be subject to numerals fluctuations (from influence to prompt demand changes on customers’ market).

And all these benefits have long-term ‘nature’. It makes the Internet a valuable marketing tool for B2B sector.

Powerful without “all-”

The Internet has no borders, no territorial and time limits; however, it’s uncorrected to call it “all-powerful”. What do raw materials online offering means for customer without physical transportation? How is it possible to buy wholesale goods without packaging? What is a sense in buying wholesale goods without having a real existing shop for further retailing is? A lot of functions are virtually impossible to be done by using Internet only. And it’s clear. The Internet is a part of world business process and doesn’t exchange real conditions.

The Internet has own security policy. Its resources seem to be opened only from the first side. It’s enough to check some corporate sites to assure that business information can be ‘shut’. One of the simple examples is a requirement of initial registration in order to know the prices and delivery terms. There is nothing terrible. You as corporate site owner are interested in security conditions existing in order to avoid competitive advantages loosing and information leakage.

Searching procedures are much easier than offline resources but a surplus of unnecessary information makes it more difficult and requires more time wasting. Reliable pages and marketplaces, correctly made requests make your way to information more clear.

Internet role in small and medium-sized business

What is the difference in using Internet resources in large and other companies in B2B?

Large company assumes a lot of work and forces invested in it. Take a look at company staffs. Large companies more often have IT-department, SEO specialists and Internet marketing experts, whereas a small company is more likely being developed by one or two persons. However, it doesn’t mean that small and medium-sized companies are limited in Internet opportunities. More likely, it is vice verse. Large corporations often neglect online marketing opportunities and do not consider themselves as a part of Internet operations, whereas small and middle ones are looking for every way to promote its product and services.

The Internet is a source of constant development and Internet marketing is nearly to modify the competitive environment of world business. Be ready not to loose a chance and reflect about it today.

Good luck in business.


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