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B2B: How to buy wholesale


You might think there is nothing as easy as buying wholesale goods. Manufacturers and warehouse stores are dreaming about new wholesale buyer and it is a great opportunity to start your own business. But “where can we buy wholesale goods” is the one of the frequently asked questions on business forums from the whole world. Would you like to know one more way how and where to buy wholesale goods and sell retail successfully?

Whatever you are searching on the Internet, you might be sure: it is just in a few clicks from you. Is it really so? Retail seems to be the easiest way of doing business. “Buying low and selling high” scheme has some more things to work successfully. There is the basic “4 rights” rule, they are: right goods, right price, right place and right time for retail selling.

Once you have decided what exactly you’d like to sell and also you are sure that the market for your product exists, it’s time to find wholesale suppliers. It can be direct manufacturer, official dealer or other wholesalers. And there are many ways to find the supplier you want to work with: by online searching, attending warehouse stores, wholesale markets, and exhibitions and even by using phone book. Whatever you have chosen it is better to start working with manufacturer.

How to contact with manufacturer directly?

It is easy you might say. But it isn’t as easy as we would like. The “secret” is not manufacturer’s name, but how and where to find their contacts easily and quickly. Except simple swindle there are some “wholesale traps”. “Trap” number one is “extremely useful” wholesale trade platforms, promising extremely high results but actually promoting own or affiliated company’s goods only. You need to find independent electronic B2B market place. Why so? On “dependable” business portal you won’t find objective information about market and competitors, the best product will be always the same. “Trap” number two is the pseudo-intermediaries, who promise to find wholesale supplier, sell manufacturers’ database and provide other services. “Trap” number three is out-off-date information. A lot of free catalogs (list of manufacturers, their portfolio and contact information) are simply unreliable.

It might seem easier to order wholesale goods offline: on wholesale market, warehouse store and etc. and to check information reliability by yourself. But “buying wholesale offline” doesn’t mean “buying less risky”. There are even more risks connecting with offline buying, such as extremely high expenses for business trip, there is no guarantee you achieve an agreement.

Buying wholesale online is the best way to do the first “retail” steps.

Why B2B market places?

The purpose for B2B market place is to help you find manufacturers and the other wholesale suppliers and vice verse. This web site is a diversified catalog of the wholesalers from all the world. You will find over 5000 suppliers in more than 200 categories and sub-categories. It is the one of the most convenient place to buy wholesale goods – there is no searching through hundreds of links that easily can be outdated and irrelevant.

B2B market places are open to the general public; here is an advantage number two. Most of business portal prefer to hide supplier’s contact information. Two reasons are possible. The fist one is protection against spammers and other unsavory users. Business portal administration may ask you to full a registration form, including tax id, business card and so on. The second reason can be the own interest of business portal administration. In this case, instead of direct supplier’s web site or email they may order a “contact now” or the similar buttons.

So, B2B market place is the one of the best places to buy wholesale goods. Retailers will find a large set of wholesale suppliers, serving the same (competitors) or different markets, and their goods/services offerings.

How to choose a supplier?

There is no a standard rating scale, but there are some basic factors, such as assortment, price, stability (year of foundation), location, shipping and oversea legislation, customer services and etc. Right choice will be done once you have an experience. In order to bring the best product to your customers, it is necessary to choose from 1 to 3 wholesale suppliers, offering quality products and buy the minimum order they say. Do not afraid of making mistakes, more errors – more experience. Customers can also help you in finding suppliers. Ask your potential customers what products they would like to see in the store (brand, type, size, color and etc.).

What about meeting wholesalers in person?

To contact online is easy and quickly. But in any case an opportunity to meet your suppliers in person and get a look at goods you buy is invaluable, especially if your orders are large and regularly.

There are some ways to meet a supplier. Here they are:

Once you have contacted with wholesale supplier online (on B2B market place, by emailing or Skype and etc.) and prepared a list of question you can agree about personal meeting. Face to face business might be reliability and responsibility guarantee. But a lot of business people co-operate with overseas colleagues without face to face contact successfully years by years.

Trade shows and international (as like as domestics) exhibitions give an opportunity to meet business partners in person. An exhibition’s administration may ask your business card, tax id or preliminary booking. Try to learn more about shows’ and exhibitions’ schedule, to attend these shows whenever and wherever you can. These attendances take too much time; it might be the main disadvantage. And in this case the Internet can be an alternative, such as online shows. Some web sites provide useful business information. But in general, these sites work as a B2B market place, just in 3D standard and for this “innovation” you have to pay. It’s up to you.

You are a part of B2B.

If you are buying wholesale goods and reselling them as a retailer, on the one hand you are a part of business-to-business sector, on the other hand a part of business-to-customers. Being successful means searching for something new. Even the most conservative markets, such as “food”, change. People’s preferences are changing, goods are improving, and new requirements appear. Visit B2B market place regularly, “keep in touch” with a world market, contact with new suppliers in order to get new opportunities and learn new information and market tendencies. This information can be gathered through references, corporate web sites you will find on B2B market place or by simply asking the companies how they do their business.

Many difficulties frighten for people just planning or starting own business especially. Once your business have been started, it will be easier to find wholesale goods (it means wholesale suppliers) to resell because the suppliers will be searching for you, instead of you searching for them. Buying wholesale and selling retail is an opportunity to start successful business and in the same time make these products closer to final customers.