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B2B: How To Sell Wholesale Guide To Wholesale Marketing -

B2B: How to sell wholesale Guide to Wholesale Marketing


Are you looking for wholesale customers? Do you want to get new wholesale orders by seeing good’s picture? Then, Internet marketing can help you to reach these goals.

There are many ways to sell merchandises. The main question is why sell wholesale. Wholesaling the goods you produce is not just a way to make more money fast. Even time means in business a lot. Selling wholesale can grow business faster than selling one unit time after time. Besides, working with wholesale customers guarantees stability. One wholesale buyer brings far more profit than ten retail clients. Supplying to and checking payments from a wholesaler are easier to manage and analyze than dealing with many different retail clients in the same time.

For whom wholesaling is better? First of all it’s for manufacturers of any size, small, middle and big companies. Most of them refused retails since economic crisis has begun and concentrated on wholesale clients only. It’s also for small and middle-sized business which are already selling wholesale and wish to expand, improve the way of wholesaling goods and generate more wholesale orders around the world. In all of these cases there are the same advantages: rent payment decrease, sellers’ salaries absence and high ROI. That’s why “how to sell wholesale” question is so interesting for manufacturers and trade companies. However, not all of them wholesale successfully.

There are, at least, two possible situations: the first one is if the merchandise, packaging and presentation are of the high quality, but it is on sale badly. And other one is if there is high demand on standard product. Why so? And what is your wholesaling marketing strategy?

What should I sell wholesale?

It’s up to a company. There are as many types of merchandise which have all the chances to do well on a wholesale market as the goods exist in the world. One of the best and easiest way to find wholesale buyer is to wholesale low-value FMCG items, such as clocks, jewelry, eyewear, clothes, toys, foods and many others. It can be sold to retailers and other business customers (to produce business accessories or souvenirs) who prefer dealing with manufacturers. It is also possible to wholesale oversea (general industrial equipment, minerals, metals and materials).

How should I sell wholesale?

There are some places there you can sell wholesale goods, some online placing to add goods and price list. The first that should be done is to check these places out to understand which one is the best for offered product.

Wholesale online. It’s easier for checking all wholesale marketplaces together, fast and convenient for adding commercial offers. One of these marketplaces which work with direct manufacturers, sellers and buyers on the world wholesale market is TradeDeals.biz, Russian based electronic business platform. B2B marketplace has all possibilities to become a cost-effective way of reaching a large number of customers, saving time and budget of wholesaler.

There is an alternative – to create own wholesale website, which will consists of full assortment and nomenclature of the goods and services you offer, wholesale price list and, as a bonus, information about your partners and clients. Promotion of this website can bring you wholesale clients. Without considering creation time, it will occupy about half to one year work.

In other case you can successfully operate on existing trade platform. The main advantage of this co-operating is that you don’t need to worry about website creating and subsequent promotion.

Whom should I sell wholesale products?

The best customer is the customer you want to sell. Which buyer you would like to work with?

Popular trading network is a ‘dream’ for FMCG supplier. As an example, French “Carrefour” network is desired wholesale buyer for manufacturers from all other the world. In this case the best way is personal contact: official letter, meeting and negotiations.
Wholesale buyers from small and middle-sized business around the world. These clients work as a link between direct manufacturers (who sell wholesale) and the final user. Buying for a wholesale price and selling for market price small and middle-sized companies have profit margin and make all these goods closer for customer. The best way to attract new wholesale clients is to add your commercial offer on B2B electronic marketplace and to promote corporate website using searching criteria, such as “buy _ wholesale”, “wholesale _ supplier” and etc.
Dealers in other regions and countries. If the wholesale buyers guarantee fast net profit, to get profit from dealers and other official representatives takes more time but helps in development and products promotion. They (dealers and representatives) can be found on B2B marketplace also by checking ‘buyers’ list out or placing in ‘sellers’ page.
The best customer is the customer you want to sell. Which buyer you would like to work with?

How to choose ‘right’ minimum order volume?

Take into account “price-volume” ratio in order to sell average number of good and get minimum profitable level from this transaction. Check competitors’ conditions and offers. Rely on existing experience and business intuition.

How you organize advertising campaign?

Campaign results depend on ‘right’ placing. The best way is to combine different marketing strategies: active and passive, online and offline. FMCG promotion requests hard and long work on advertising campaign. To make own goods recognizable and popular among the final customers manufacturers spend a lot of money every year. The other way is to let your retailers promote your goods by themself.


If you are selling, reselling or buying wholesale goods, you are a part of B2B sphere. Doesn’t matter you are looking for new markets for selling, goods for reselling, logistic company to work with for a long time period, searching for other business partners or offering business services, B2B portals, such as TradeDeals.biz, are necessary in order to get actual business information and develop your business.


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