B2B Marketplaces. Answer The Following Questions: What, How, Where And Others -

B2B marketplaces. Answer the following questions: what, how, where and others


Electronic B2B marketplace is specialized online trade platform for direct manufacturers and wholesale buyers, dealers, business services’ providers, customers, suppliers and for the other companies of business-to-business sector. An attendance of B2B marketplaces is growing constantly but the base questions remain: what is it; how does it work; what are the advantages of marketplaces using; how to find it on the Internet. Here are the answers.
The number of transactions, making through electronic B2B marketplaces, is growing. The first participants of online trade platforms were small-scale and middle-sized business, as the most “flexible” business segment. Nowadays big manufacturers became more active on the Internet. As an example, nomenclature and assortment of goods and services on Http://tradedeals.biz have considerably extended since the moment of Club basis: from the wholesale FMCG to woodworking machinery. The world industry is developing, looking for new markets, trying to use all existing business opportunities and Internet resources.

B2B marketplace: what is it? In general, it is a web page having direct links to defined good, service and corporate web sites; an electronic platform where transaction’s sides, both manufacturer and wholesale buyer or business services’ provider and his customer, can find each other and cooperate successfully. To clarify what is electronic B2B marketplace, it can be compared with physically existing analogue. At first sight it is a specialized “trade center” on the Internet. Why it is not a “shop” (even specialized)? Term “shop” means 1 seller, “trade center” means some sellers, besides, goods they sell and business services they provide may be similar or absolutely different. As in physically existing trade center each seller (manufacturer or supplier), registered on B2B trade platform, has define place in electronic catalogue. One of the main “online” advantages is an effective structure of the goods’ and services’ catalogue. It makes B2B portal easy and clear in using and registration.

How to work with B2B marketplace? I.e. how to sell wholesale or how to buy wholesale goods using b2b marketplace?

Online trade platform is the one of the effective ways for advancement of goods and services in business-to-business. B2B marketplace works as huge electronic database consisting from sellers’ and buyers’ information. Every day Thousands of visitors from all other the world search for goods and services on B2B marketplace.

Take a look at situation from searcher position. You are a wholesale buyer (and retailer further) or dealer who is searching for a particular kind of goods. Let it be paper products. There are two possible way to find the product you want. The first one is free registration on B2B marketplace as a buyer. The second one is simple checking out. In comparison with trade center, on B2B marketplace all goods and services are placed according to industrial branch and alphabetically. Moreover, necessary products and services can be found by using searching line. To find paper products from thousands commercial offers you need to click “Packing and paper”, choose subcategory “Paper and paper products” and contact with manufacturer you prefer.

Look from the other side. You are a manufacturer who would like to enter new market, find new wholesale buyers and raise the revenuers up. Procedure of free registration starts from filling a particular registration from. The gaps are simple. It may take from 3 to 5 minutes to create own commercial offer. Each offer is accompanied by illustrations (products, logos and other picture you need), contact information and commercial text describing the offer. In spite of photos’ number and text size restriction, all presented information on B2B marketplace is chosen by company itself. That’s why the final commercial offer located in online B2B catalogue meets the requirements of hundred percents. You provide product’s description, information about price and the other points which you consider as important. Commercial offer you made will be seen by hundreds marketplace visitors and some of them will contact you very soon.

It is necessary to understand B2B marketplace is information provider and is not a trade intermediary, so there are no commission taxes, percents from a bargain and the other fees.

What is a purpose of using B2B marketplace?

You may be wondering what b2b marketplace means exactly. Electronic B2B marketplaces are especially urgent for international business developing. For instance, http://tradedeals.biz, whose participants are the representatives of the one third of the world community, was created with the purpose of building and developing of international business partnership. In scales of one country B2B portals considered as a way to reduce the time spending on searches and transactions. However, for the world business community B2B marketplace is the one of the few possible ways to find products, raw materials and components you need.

B2B trade platforms erase the borders between countries, overcome language barriers, makes business information accessible from every point where there is the Internet. Underestimation of B2B marketplaces’ opportunities as the one of the Internet marketing tools means lost chances of increasing the revenuers. How to contact with a company online if there is no information (or there is a lack of information) on the Internet? Hundreds of overseas companies check out international B2B marketplaces every day in order to find an appropriate supplier, necessary manufacturer or official dealer in particular country. Hundreds of lost visitors per day, don’t you think it is too much, do you?

On founders’, marketing and other business specialists’ points of view, using B2B marketplace will replace habitual system of deliveries, purchases, shipments, and also “blind” searching process on the Internet in the near future. The main advantage of online trade platform is a maximal concentration of business information. It is a reason why B2B marketplace using is perspective. Internet resources are capable to make business process maximal operative, flexible and easy to manage and control. These principles approach to B2B marketplaces.

The main purpose of its work is growth (of turnover, client base and revenuers as an outcome).

Where to find B2B electronic marketplace?

For an initial search it is possible to use popular searching engines. Type “b2b”, “international b2b marketplace”, “http://tradedeals.biz” inquiries and check out the first 10 relevant (more appropriate) web pages. Partners’ advices also can be used as a way of searching B2b trade platform. Becoming a participant of B2B online market, do not forget to invite your contractors to become a registrant. A lot of useful information about B2B marketplaces, their role in the modern business, their functions and opportunities you can find in http://tradedeals.biz articles, appropriate publications and numerously business forums.

Being successful on B2B market means being informed, being ready and quite opened for new opportunities, new business partnerships, means keep up the tendencies of the global B2B market. All these actions seem easier and more clear thanks to B2B marketplaces and Internet marketing.