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«Big» Marketing Vs Small And Middle-sized Business? Nothing Is Impossible -

«Big» marketing vs small and middle-sized business? Nothing is impossible


Only large companies can afford an effective B2B marketing, is it really so? If to look at this question from “cost’s” positions, it is possible to confirm that small and middle-sized B2B companies have no time and budget resources and can not shoulder this task. But an effective advancement doesn’t require huge investment. Continue reading the article below to clarify why it is fair.

Small and middle-sized business struggles for an existence on the market among themselves and with large business participants. Small firms quite often refuse carrying out of marketing campaign; to tell more truly, simply do not think of such possibility, because (they consider) their budget as modest for marketing campaign launching on the one hand, on the other hand a competition with large players seems simple wasting money.

What do the differences between small and large business marketing consists in?

Basic difference between small and large business is a size of marketing budget. No need to explain why small (in comparison with multinational industrial manufacturers) companies have limited resources. Large business-to-business company’s budget can afford specialized marketing agency, which make full marketing campaign from setting the goals to presentation the final results. Large B2B company’s budget can afford making or buying market researches it needs and is interested in. That’s why large companies are the first on every market. Besides, B2B companies have marketing department. Sometimes there is no even a necessity in outsourcing.

Does that mean that small and middle-sized companies can not run an effective marketing campaign at all? No, it doesn’t. Follow the rule of competition: if there is no money to spend on advancement, try to be a little more creative than the other ones.

Profit making machine is available online

Ask each small and middle-sized company to name the commercial goals and they will answer as one: “Increasing the sales and business diversifications”. The main difficulty is marketing specialists’ absence. Try to imagine, day by day the chiefs face up with tens business tasks: to manage finance and personnel, to sign the contracts, to negotiate with potential clients, suppliers, logistics companies. Under existing conditions working with “intangible” B2B marketing is considered as time wasting. However, marketing appointment, both for small and large business, for B2B and B2C sectors, is the one – to increase the revenues. And there are some possible ways to achieve this goal:

1. To attract more clients.

2. To persuade clients to order more products, to buy more expensive and/or profitable products than they did or plan before.

How to use B2B marketing in order to attract more clients? Start from initial market research. You may be surprised: how to do it taking into account a limited budget. On the Internet we can answer. Check out B2B Club pages. Business Club is diversified international electronic marketplace. Find similar products, services, make comparison with your commercial offer, price B2B goods and business services competitively.

How to use B2B marketing in order to buy more products? Place your commercial offer on maximum number of online resources. Is there anything easier and cheaper than do it on the Internet?

“Effective” doesn’t mean “costly”.

It’s about online marketing efficiency. Marketing as like as any other component of business process (book keeping, planning of deliveries, pricing) should have certain plan, budget and purposes. An advancement of goods and services brings quite “notable” results – a profit margin.

Take a look at case study presented below.

To make an effective advancement plan for small and middle-sized business follow 3 main points. There are:

1. Specify a target audience. Speaking about B2B sector, keep in mind a necessity of target marketing. No need to “spray” efforts on audience who will never buy your product or order a service you provide. Direct it (efforts) to the correct market, certain company; it will be much more productive than “shooting into darkness”. At the beginning you can start from choosing industries that may be interested in your product. Make a list of the companies that may be interested in your offer, starting from the nearest (city, district, country) one. All information should be presented as a simple database: company name, business portfolio, address and contact email.

2. Prepare a standard commercial offer. No need to outsource B2B marketing agencies (if it is really “out-of-pocket” expenditure). This sample can be corrected easily: name, date, conditions and descriptions (if it’s necessary). Make morning emailing as a corporate rule.

3. Place your commercial offer on as many pages as you can. Keep in mind page’s reliability, design, reputation and attendance. One of the best ways is to start from diversified international B2B marketplace. Key word is “diversified”. On the one hand you can inform different companies about goods you produce and services you provide. On the other hand you can find out potential clients and write them directly. Electronic trade platform is a good chance to contact with supplier, dealer, logistic company and many other market players.

The main purpose of placing on Internet pages (devoted to business-to-business topics) is to establish maximum «visual pressure» on its visitors. In other words, good or service (corporate logo) should be in the foreground, such as Top place on B2B portal. Visual channel is the main properties of perception. Electronic B2B marketplace offers addition services to its registrants, Top places, for instance. “Online bonus” has low price, that’s why Internet marketing tools are available for small and middle-sized business. From additional function using you will get much more valuable result – exact profit margin.

You are absolutely capable to get your plans into real actions. No need to put off an opportunity that can bring profit in the nearest future.


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