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Case Study In B2B: Services Marketing -

Case study in B2B: services marketing


Marketing is crucial for each B2B company and each industry. Business services’ marketing is one of the most perspective Internet marketing directions. However, services’ marketing is more complicated task than marketing a tangible product. Continue reading about main marketing features of service-based organizations

To promote b2b services in a right way the main marketing features should be taken into account before launching each marketing campaign, actually, before an initial marketing strategy building. Take a look at the following services’ marketing features:

1. Intangibility

A service can’t be estimated, touched, checked, and viewed before buying as physical tangible product (wholesale toys, as an example). I.e. Client can’t determinate what exactly will he get as an outcome. Take a look at process of advertising services purchase. Company A (client) orders corporate logo creation to company B (executer). Creation schedule is equal to 1 week. An outcome will be a logo, however, nobody knows how it will look like at the beginning of work.

How to convince potential client online? Samples, sketches, previous working examples will be the first reason to believe in “creative” business services, such as advertising, design, website creation, PR services. Exact information about tariffs, terms, directions, description of routs is appropriate for logistics services promotion. Certificates and working experience on the market are important for building. A guarantee, terms and initial technical project – for SEO and IT companies.

2. Inseparability

This feature means that service’s production and consumption begin at the same moment, i.e. from contract signature. Bilateral signing of the contract with IT company determines an initial point of new software introduction.

How to convince potential client online? The problem is potential clients should believe in your words. Therefore, be ready to face up with tens different, sometimes monotonous and repeating clients’ questions. This “readiness” to a questions’ flow means knowledge of sales department. Take a look at typical situation: you placed a commercial offer about business trip organization on diversified (in order to attract companies from different business sphere) B2B marketplace. Specify phone numbers to contact with sales manager who will be already prepared to face up with questions form Internet visitors. The final results depend on services quality and sales skills.

3. Individuality

Unique goods exist, both in B2C and B2B; however, in most cases wholesale goods are similar. It means you and your competitor can easily buy the same products for feather retailing (toys, clocks, jewelry, eyewear and others). Business service is always individual, so-called an “exclusive business product”. Advertising signboard or poster, business trip organization, financial or legal consultation – each of them is unique in own way (even if it is made by the same person). An outcome depends on client’s purposes and wishes.

How to convince potential client online? Market experience, clients’ and partners’ recommendations and business reputation are bargaining chips in struggle for client. Each commercial offer, even short one like on B2B Club or on the other electronic marketplaces, needs to be accompanied by “Successful operation since … year” or other words. For the beginners it can be appropriate to attract clients’ attention by pricing policy.

4. One more feature connected with business services’ individuality is a set of difficulties: in qualities comparison and analog choosing.

How to convince potential client online? Make an accent on competitive advantages: “in short terms”, “individual tasks”, “exclusive service”, “effective advancement”, “high quality is our guarantee” and etc.

5. The main competitive advantage on service sector is advancement on the Internet and active sales.

How to convince potential client online? No doubt, reliable partnerships in b2b are important. Taking into account high competitive environment of business services market, “recognizibility” plays huge role in profitable operations. You may raise the chances to attract new clients by placing your commercial offers on electronic business pages. Don’t lose your chances on success.

6. Business service can’t be returned to a company as the tangible product does.

However, this feature doesn’t mean each service-base company can easily provide non-quality business product. Attention, the client who is not satisfied by logo appearance can’t require all money back but in the same time can make a bad fluency on your reputation by telling the partners about unsuccessful cooperation experience.

In order to avoid the feather problems and misunderstanding with clients, both potential and exciting, let “quality purpose” to be the main one in marketing strategy. Let clients know that you are interested in them, therefore, do your best. Keep in touch with a client during all the way; inform him about each middle outcome, each idea, and each point in order to compare his expectations and getting results.

7. Standards of service are defined by clients. Besides, services’ quality is estimated by clients too. Not by services providers as they may think.

Turn back to advertising campaign. Let it be a video for feather TV translation. This job was done and video is ready. Take a look by both sides, clients’ and maker’s one. Maker is sure that job has done well. His estimated criteria are: interesting plot, attractive colors, and emotional part seems to be successful. So, on the one hand everything is ok. The client is not satisfied. His view: firstly, co-product was demonstrated only ones; it is not clear how is the product connected with general video plot; numerous colors and a lot of movements attention from the product. Who is right from you point view? The client, of course.

How to convince potential client online? By offering initial plan’s working out, by informing about delivery terms, samples and etc.

Base in services marketing:

Product term. The examples: “cargo transportation, Western and Eastern Europe”; “corporate site advancement, Google, Bing”.

An accompanying image for placing on B2B trade platforms, forums and other business portals in most cases is corporate logo. Additional illustrations depend on company portfolio. For logistic company it can be flying plane image or moving truck on the road.

“About us”: contact information, operation region, working hours,

The main one is quality.

Placing and feather advancement non-quality business services are checked up way to stop operating for undefined term. Reputation in B2C is less critical. Take a look; there is one trip agency with bad reputation among the clients. This agency has always a chance to turn back on the “trip” market after a set of changes: name, address, staff, and design. In B2B case bad reputation may easily “kill” business future for company’s and non changes can help.

There is no doubt in business services perspectives. Take a chance to convert Internet marketing opportunities to real incomes.


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