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Let Me Introduce Myself: Speaker’s And Listener’s Side In B2b Presentation -

Let me introduce myself: speaker’s and listener’s side in b2b presentation


An effective self-presentation is a powerful “business weapon” in company’s hands. Successful company positions itself on exact market “correctly” and is always well informed about events occurring on this market, whether it is occurrence of new competitor or new interesting business offer. An ability to represent your company and to listen to somebody’s presentation is the way to success in high competition in b2b sector.

Business presentation is one more b2b marketing tool, besides the Internet marketing and electronic b2b marketplaces. The efficiency of online marketing for b2b companies is not called into question, but the Global virtual network does not replace real dialogue and direct offline sales. Any presentation is a performance, which main purpose is to inform target audience that company has certain business information, and further - to convince and induce listeners to make certain actions this company expects.

Business presentations is one of obligatory constituents of daily marketing communications which can be presented as press conference for mass media, corporate party or Internet presentation of b2b product on b2b marketplace. Offline or online presentation, doesn’t matter, its main purpose remains the same. It’s to sell b2b product: business service, industrial equipment, wholesale goods and etc. If the goal is reached, the presentation can be considered as successful. If not, it’s time to analyze why.

Successful presentation in b2b sector

“Successful” means planned in advance, well-organized, focused on exact target audience and prepared for certain questions. Perhaps, “readiness” is a half of presentation’s success.

Successful presentation is an interpersonal contact or online advancement, addressing to target audience. Presentations can be arranged both for one company (i.e. potential client) and for a big group of people, for example, product or business service advancement on b2b marketplace.

Presentation purpose:

Know exactly that is a short-term objective of your presentation and that is a long-term prospect.

Between the “sell” purpose and “to receive the contact information of potential customers” there is a big difference: the first is impossible without the second. Business presentation is only one b2b marketing tools. So, for example, many companies wrongly believe that the web site means Internet marketing, however, corporate site isn’t enough to become successful on the b2b market.

Take a look at following examples of b2b company presentation’s purposes:

to strengthen an effect from exact advertising campaign, which has already begun or begin in the nearest future;
to attract mass media attention: business printing editions and Internet resources devoted to b2b market;
to prove competitors and partners in business stability and in leading position on the market;
to demonstrate the loyalty to the mass media, government, clients and business partners;
to convince investors in project success;
to attract potential consumers’ attention to new or modernized b2b product and etc.
Specific presentation’s goals advance time and place, structure and quantity of the invited visitors.

Not every presentation will be successful and reach the purposes facing it. More experience (both, positive and negative) in self-presenting company has, more successful this presentation will be with each subsequent time.

Choosing a date, choosing a time:

Every company has a right to choose date, time and place for presentation voluntarily, but there are some common recommendations. So, for example, Monday, Tuesday and Sunday are not the best time to corporate parties. There is no interdiction but there is a possibility that target audience you plane to see on this party will be less than expected. Company’s goal is to inform maximum quantity of listeners among b2b audience. Short business presentations can be conducted from Monday to Friday, in most of the cases it depends on listeners.

Press conferences are more often nominated on Wednesday or Thursday in order to give a chance to journalists to prepare material at the beginning of the next week, for the following publishing. Business presentation can be also an interview with head officer, advertising article about b2b goods and business services.

Business gifts for listeners:

Important and almost compulsory element of image advertising is business gift to listeners: pens, calendars and notebooks with company’s name, logo, phone number, web address. There is a difference between retail and wholesale buyer’s mentality. The first one is assured that pens and calendars are nothing more than just a money wasting and useless stuff to attract buyers’ attention. The second one concerns business gifts in another way, namely: the company spent time and money for pens, calendars and notebooks manufacturing. In other words, presenting company seriously concerns its clients and its business. Cut-away can be called a business gift too. It is information. Be ready to receive it from any source, in every minute. We live in “information age”. Receive, analyze and draw correct conclusions from information you get every day.

«Business gifts’ set», besides pens and calendars, may also consist from: a colorful products’ catalogue, corporate booklets, products’ samples if it’s possible (for example, consumer goods).

Present business gifts at the end of corporate party, meeting, negotiations. By presenting a pen at the beginning of conversation you may puzzle your interlocutor: who are you, what do you want to get from me.

The invited visitors:

Nobody knows target audience better than the company does. Who it will be: wholesale buyers, dealers or industrial companies, agro companies – it’s up to the speaker.

If it is a corporate party, a number of invited visitors can exceed two hundreds persons. Goods and services can be presented on the Top of b2b marketplace, in this case number of Internet views may be equal to thousands visitors per day. Business presentation is an art to introduce your company as the best advantage for potential customers.

Every day hundreds, thousand presentations (new companies, new goods, services, brands); press conferences; programs of social and cultural significance pass in the world. There is no sphere where presentation’s skills would not be claimed: policy, business, culture, science, interpersonal relations.

Business presentation is personal or mediated through the Internet resources and printing editions submission of the company, its goods, services and projects to business partners and clients on b2b market. Presentations became a part of daily business life. An effective presentation (public statement or submissions of goods and business services) is the one of instruments for successful company construction, but not only in business. Successful self-presentation skills are necessary for the scientific figure, politician, sales manager, CEO and simple people.

Business presentation, without any doubts, is an art.


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