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More Than Advertising Campaign: Recognisability In B2B -

More than advertising campaign: recognisability in B2B


There is no doubt that business success (leads positions on the market, considerable client base, big goods turnover) also depends on corporate recognisability among clients and business partners. Recognisability, in turn, depends on “right” commercial offers, logos and illustration placing, on company positioning, on an ability to present information (about company’s goods, services, projects, news and competitive advantages); on advancement of corporate web site on the Internet and some other “components”. Being recognizable, what does it mean? Why Top positions on the electronic market places are on sale but not given free of charge? How to raise corporate recognisability? Continue reading to answer these questions.

The majority of researches, publications and marketing projects are devoted corporate recognisability in B2C sector. Ratings of the most recognizable companies on business-to-customer market are made by marketing experts annually. Experts’ interest in researching results is explained by high competitive environment in B2C. However, it doesn’t mean that B2B companies are not interested in corporate recognisability (branding, rebranding, naming, advancement and etc.) questions.

It is important to note that in comparison with B2C, where product recognisability and place on a shelf brings instant profit (retail buyer follows the scheme “I saw – I recognized – I bought”), recognisability in B2B sector doesn’t increase sales directly. It sets up business conditions necessary to cooperate successfully (to increase goods turnover and revenues).

“Intangibility” and long-term results (received from work on branding, rebranding, naming and other corporate recognisability’s components) make business-to-business sector participants indifferent to these questions.

Being recognizable, what does it mean?

Corporate recognisability term is wide and is not limited to one side (logo, for instance) as it may seem at the first sight.

The high lights of B2C and B2B marketing strategy (in order to form and raise corporate recognisability up) can be similar, that’s why B2C sector is assumed as an analysis basis of corporate recognisability role on the market. The primary goal of any company is to draw the maximum attention and to locate in customers’ mind for a long time period. The main difference between B2C and B2B in “recognizing” strategy is the following: in B2B recognisability there are 2 main elements. They are: company name and certain product it produces or business service it provides. In B2C, usually, there is only one element – product (service). Company name and country it was based play considerable role in premium class mostly. Take a look at simple example from B2C: recollect any “chocolate” advertising (let it be “Bounty”), can you tell us exact company name or describe corporate logo without very much thought? Now compare 2 examples: “medical equipment” and “medical equipment made in Gossen Metrawatt (Germany)”. Which of two possible versions seems more credible? The second one we are sure. Information about company, country, market experience, recommendations are very important for potential clients. That’s why product (service) recognisability is estimated in a complex with information about manufacturer or provider.

The main advantage of corporate recognisability consists in providing credibility among clients and business partners and customers’ loyalty formation. B2C company are concentrated in generating positive emotional response, connected with goods, services, logos, company name. It is expected that these emotions will play a main role in decision making process: in shop, supermarket, cafe, trade center and etc. For B2B sector the main goal is to form positive corporate image for long-term prospect.

It is fair to believe that goods turnover of more “recognised” company (under others concerning equal conditions, such as price policy and delivery terms) exceeds its competitors in tens times. Therefore corporate recognition is also important in B2B and deserves a proper attention to own formation and increasing.

Why Top positions on the electronic market places are on sale but not given free of charge?

The “Tops” on diversified B2B electronic marketplace are on sale as other “physical analogues” are (the most passable place in trade center or foreground in supermarket, for instance). The reason is clear; these places attract more attention than the other ones. Nobody is surprised with physically existing “Top” payment. However, online ones cause a lot of questions, the majority of which are simple, such as: ‘What is a reason of Top placing?” The answer is the same: an attraction of potential clients’ attention, to increase their interest in goods and services, to increase corporate web site attendance.

In comparison with B2C, where physical Top brings instant profit (the scheme “I saw – I recognized – I bought”), Tops in B2B is a long-term prospect. As in case with supermarket or with trade center on B2B marketplace there is a competitiveness (between manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, business services’ providers), therefore B2B portal participants aspire to take the most “visible” place among the others. There are some possible variants of Top placing: on the main page, category and subcategory.

How to raise corporate recognisability?

I.e how to raise the sales up? Nowadays one of the best ways to increase corporate recognisability on B2B market is Internet marketing. It is possible to argue with this statement speaking about B2C, taking into account a huge influence of TV advertising on consumer preferences formation. For B2B sector it is possible to accept this statement as an axiom of modern business.

An effective placing of commercial offer on the Internet resources, optimisation and the further advancement of corporate web site will bring the results very soon. According to the purposes facing to the company, Internet pages chosen for placing can be high specific, states’, governmental portals, international B2B marketplaces and the others.

The quantity of placing is not a guarantee of its efficiency. Term “efficiency” in this case means both, quantity and quality placing. Electronic B2B marketplaces give an opportunity to place, form, manage and control own commercial offers by themselves, do it operative and for free. There are numerous of additional services (the Tops and many others). Placing on external Internet resources make a company (its goods and services) more recognizable in business environment, attracts more potential clients and corporate web site visitors.

Speaking about corporate site optimizing remember about optimizing of all the parts. For B2B (as like as B2C ones) the following questions are actual: branding, rebranding, naming, renaming, product perfection, optimization and automation of business process. Corporate web site optimization is given on outsourcing.

Corporate web site advancement is an advancement of certain product or service according to client’s inquiry in searching engines. It is necessary to pay attention to a list of inquiries. Every point from this list should be chosen correctly and be proved.

Do not underestimate “traditional” way to increase corporate recognisability: press releases, other publications, participation in exhibitions, seminars, and conferences.

Corporate recognisability is more than just advertising campaign. It is long-term guarantee to diversify client base and strengthening of market positions.


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