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Online Marketing Efficiency: It’s Time To Raise Your Sales Up -

Online marketing efficiency: it’s time to raise your sales up


There are hundreds of ways of influence on the potential buyers. Bright pictures, emotional TV advertising, numerous bill boards day by day induce us to do various necessary and unnecessary purchases. These ways become more and more creative. And what about B2B marketing? Colorful pictures and happy faces are not enough in business-to-business marketing campaign; however, Internet marketing can increase the sales in B2B. Continue reading to know why and how.

The Internet is a perspective market for sales volume increase. The reasons of online advertising efficiency are obvious:

Target audience is the first one. According to the statistics research (25 to 45 years old people), 46% of Internet users possess high purchasing capacity, 24% estimate their financial position as “above average”. It means these people can become (or already are) entrepreneurs easily. 98% of them use the Internet both, at home and at work, and 2% at work only. As an example, more than 99% of Http://tradedeals.biz daily visitors have the exact purpose to buy or place wholesale goods on B2B marketplace. On the other hand “casual” audience on business portal is less than 1 per cent.

B2B sector has own specific where colorful pictures and happy faces are not enough. B2B clients are guided by absolutely another principle choosing wholesale suppliers and their products. This principle consists from real clients’ needs, quality and price. However, it doesn’t mean that B2B marketing campaign is limited. The Internet allows B2B marketing to use a large set of opportunities: texts, pictures, animation, sound and video, interactive dialogue with potential clients and possibility to receive the immediate feedback from them.

Internet marketing campaign costs less than traditional mass media channels. Besides, there are no restrictions, such as broadcasting time. Everything depends on clients. Clicking a direct link from B2B market place to corporate web site, client can receive unlimited quantity of the information he wants and spend as much time as he needs.

The Internet has no boarders. B2B marketing can target international audience, in South America and Russian Federation in the same time and from the same page. The Internet marketing is multilanguage resource. Online advertising speaks many languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and many others.

An analysis of online advertising efficiency provides the most authentic results: increasing the visits to your company website, the number of emails, questions and orders. You can analyze all this information, to estimate the most popular product, the frequency asked questions, exact number of visitors interesting in buying this kind of product or service. For comparison, print press efficiency is characterized by quantity of sold copies and distribution territory. The first one is difficult for calculation because business editions aspire to overestimate their sales results.

The Internet provides an opportunity to change marketing campaign operatively and without outsourcing and additional financial expenses. You can always replace a banner, login and change some details or place new product or service on B2B trade platform.

Online marketing for B2B is the full complex of services: searching engines, banners, business portals, corporate web site optimization and many others. The main difference between b2c and b2b Internet marketing is a “placement”. Feel the difference between B2B market places and banners on popular web sites, highly specialized industrial sites and social network communities, business forums and other forums and blogs.

What exactly can online marketing do for our business?

Build reputation on correctly positioned brand and products on the Internet.
Increase the number of visits to company web site.
Attract new wholesale clients and establish new partnership with dealers, suppliers, logistics and consulting companies from all other the world.
Effective expenditure of advertising budgets.
Is that all? In general, yes. These 4 points are the main results of company’s marketing strategy. Then why manufacturers and distributors underestimate perspectives and opportunities of online marketing? Some of b2b companies are still sure online marketing means corporate web site only. And web site, in turn, consists of contacts and company’s history. No doubt, if you sell general industrial equipment or measurement and analysis instruments, classical Internet shop seems not the best way to target business audience, but it is necessary to make electronic catalogue with detailed information about goods and services and direct managers’ contacts if it’s possible. International B2B marketplace is electronic catalogue too, but wider and more useful for visitors because everything they need is situated in the one place. Electronic catalogue is that minimum which will help you to attract new clients and increase sales as a result.

Top places online, how does it work?

On of the best way to make online advertising efficiency is to place commercial offers on the Top.

1. Searching engine. The advantages of being on the Top are: target audience attention; high level of customers’ trust, because they consider Top position as simple searching results of more relevant pages according to keywords; Top place achievement is a long-term result, which maintenance will require less then initial advancement.

2. B2B marketplace. The advantages of being on the Top are: target audience attention. According to Http://tradedeals.biz statistics, 98% of all visitors start from the main page; most of them pay attention on Top place above and in the bottom. High level of customers’ trust is an advantage number two. The reason is obvious if the company is in the Top when the other ones use free registration only, that means it pays more attention to marketing strategy and more interest in potential clients. Besides, Top place guarantees the leads positions for 1 to 3 months.

For being efficient online marketing should start from purpose definition as following example. We plane to target co-audience consisting from wholesale buyers (retailers) and dealers. We also plane to attract 10 new clients every month and to raise sales volume up on 10 per cent for the first quarter. Having exact plane is an initial point on the way to efficiency. Many companies want “to increase the sales” and start to mix calls, emails, banners, TV advertising, business forums, spend budgets and get nothing. No goals – no results. Concentrate on 2 or 3 media channels and control the results they bring, day by day, month by month. B2B marketing seems less creative than B2C, but it isn’t so. Working on B2B marketing campaign is difficult but interesting in the same time, it requires professional approach, analytical and creative abilities. Start to increase your sales online. The Internet is only one “marketing agency” which works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


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