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The Most Effective Media Channels In B2B -

The most effective media channels in B2B


Choice of the most effective media channels for B2B sector depends on company’s purposes; there the main ones is new clients and sales’ growth. Continue reading to learn more about rating of the most effective information channels.

Among a set of media channels, such as radio and TV, printing editions and the Internet resources, in B2B sector place number one belongs to the last two mass-media representatives. The Internet and specialized printing editions allow “narrowing” target audience as much as possible and spending marketing budget rationally.

As a whole, for the last 5 years essential changes in preferences concerning a way of information searching in B2B have not occurred. In comparison with B2C there every year hundreds ways of clients’ attraction appear: advertising in films, an underside of checks, social network communities and many others.

The most demanded (it means the most effective and reliable) media channel in business-to-business is the Internet. Namely, resources connected with business directly. Years ago, a concept of Internet media channel included all possible ways of advancement, but nowadays this concept has considerably extended. Therefore each online resource is represented separately: corporate website, business forums, industrial catalogues, international B2B marketplaces, contextual advertising according to user’s inquiry.

The main B2B media channels’ feature is mutual interest of the entire participant of information transfer, in comparison with other mass-media channels. On the one hand there are companies which would like to inform potential clients about goods and services. On the other hand there are companies which are interested in this information and searching for it by itself (reading specialized printing editions, searching on the Internet).

Traditional media channels (printing editions, radio, TV)

For B2B companies (wholesale goods, industrial sector, business services) professional, industrial editions are the most effective channels among traditional ones. In this case, specialized edition has tripartite interest. For publishers it is advertisers and subscribers, for advertiser it is a target audience, and necessary business information for subscribers.

Specialized printing editions can be divided into three main groups:

Group number one consists from industrial editions for advertiser. It can be “wholesalers”, “container and packing manufacture”, “logistics” and many others.
Group number two consists from industrial editions for potential clients. Let’s consider an example of transportation. These companies’ clients may be representatives from different industries: FMCG (clothes’, shoes’, food’s manufacturers), general industrial equipment manufacturers and etc.; miles away from each other.
Group number three consists from diversified editions. It is one of the most effective ways to find both, clients and suppliers, business partners and competitors. Among packing manufacturers, as an example, it is possible to find partners and exchange mutually advantageous advertising.
Disadvantages are the following: high cost of advertising materials placing (in comparison to Internet resources) and limited targeting period (depending on edition: 1 week, 1 month, a half of year and so on).

Internet resources, such as corporate website, B2B marketplaces, direct emailing. All media channels set forth above are effective in B2B sector.

Corporate website is the most detailed company’s card, which is available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Own page is not only information resource for visitors, but also is real orders making online, a possibility to carry on dialog with clients, quick feedback. The main disadvantages of numerous corporate websites are: bad quality of information giving (design, structure, and options) and external advancement absence. In this case corporate site will be extremely inefficient.

B2B trade platform is an effective external advertising and external advancement of corporate website (under condition of direct links presence, as B2B Club has). Registration on this platform is, usually, free. There are also some additional services of advancement inside of the marketplace at low prices.

Direct emailing is the one of direct marketing elements for B2B and B2C sectors.

“Active” sales are actual especially for the companies, providing business and the companies in conditions of a rigid competition. Commercial offer in this case is an opportunity to acquaint potential clients with the company. About every B2B company needs transportation, advertising and consulting services, but they (these companies) have never hear about your company. The difficulties in direct emailing consist from preliminary commercial offer’s drawing up and searching for corporate emails of potential clients.

In a general rating corporate website occupies the first place. Corporate page is not only effective media channel, but also an indispensable condition of commercial activity in B2B. External Internet resources – place number two. These resources promote corporate site’s advancement and raise “recognition degree” among the clients, both exciting and potential. Place number three is for specialized printing editions because of high costs and targeting limits. Place number four is for direct emailing, telemarketing and other “direct” ways.

Media channel for communications with other business participants can be divided as:

Intracorporate editions for own staff is a good way to raise their (staff’s) motivation (page about new and the best ones), to raise an interest in company’s work (information about awards, received tenders, about commercial activity in the other regions, states and countries), to raise an aiming at the final result (carrying out of competitions, depending on professional skills and team building programs and many others).

Pages.gov and government printing editions for placing an appropriate information, such as sponsored events, an application form for participation in the governmental tender (equipment, services).

Business editions for partners, clients and investors. These editions are a chance to publish the interviews, press releases, read about market and discuss economical problems and opportunities.

Remember that the most effective marketing is multichannels marketing. Good luck in business.


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