The Prospects Of Specialized B2B Marketing Agencies -

The prospects of specialized B2B marketing agencies


Necessity in specialized B2B marketing agency appeared years ago. The main preconditions to this occurrence are: B2B market developing and B2B features. To explain to B2B companies why “habitual” marketing agencies do not approach on specificity of industrial marketing let’s take a look at following reasons.

Some years ago such agencies may be called unique and innovative for developed market. Nowadays their functioning may far more likely be considered as objective necessity of modern business-to-business sector. Therefore the main features of B2B market are worth to be underlined.

What is B2B market? And why does it demand specialized marketing agency? Business-to-business market can be presented as complex industrial chain from demand occurrence (in business sector) to a final consumer. This chain may includes thousands goods and business services, hundreds companies (both, domestic and foreign ones) and tens kinds of business co-operations, such as supplier – manufacturer; manufacturer – wholesale buyer; buyer – logistics company; supplier – intermediary; manufacturer – intermediary; dealer – buyer and etc. Each of these co-operations demands special approach to working out of marketing strategy. Raw materials’ supplier needs to come into contacts with manufacturers. Manufacturer, in turn, needs to find wholesale buyers among dealers and retailers. Dealer’s business relationship with suppliers and customers are build on own marketing strategy. B2B and B2C companies differ on the way of doing business, on goals faced up with their marketing strategy and on commercial purposes. Therefore specialized B2B marketing agencies are a necessity of modern business. Besides, agencies, specialized in b2b market, know some “online” secrets of b2b marketing.

The main points of B2B marketing agency’s work.

1. Product, service. B2B product is more complex than the other ones. To understand it clearly it’s enough to compare its prices or technical characteristics (let it be general industrial equipment, for instance). The first point of working with B2B product is to describe it, i.e. to make potential clients being fully informed in its parameters, technical characteristics and product’s appeal. Marketing agency should make an effective commercial describing in order to B2B product being sold.

What are the features of B2B agency’s job?

To estimate B2B product or business service it is necessary to outsource external specialists, such as engineer, designer, specialist from standardization department and etc. It is necessary to approach to a question of positioning on B2B market with the maximum responsibility and professionalism. No one manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier is ready to risk own reputation, which means a lot in B2B sector. It is important to observe business ethics, to have professional approach to business.

2. Potential clients. To define target audience and media channels on which potential and existing clients receive the most relevant (in their point of view) commercial information. The main feature of this point consists in a type of clients in B2B sector. They (the clients) are representatives of business sector, that’s why they may be called more ‘rational’ in the way of purchasing than their consumer counterparts are. Besides, clients’ number is limited. Media channels, in turn, are specialized.

What are the features of B2B agency’s job?

The companies which can be focused on a certain B2B product are defined at a stage of work with it. The main goal of B2B marketing agency is to define the most effective media channels, for each product and service individually. B2B agency has to posse erudition in the field of specialized press, electronic B2B marketplaces, to visit conferences and seminars.

Personal and business relationships are also important in B2B sector. B2B marketing agencies need to interrogate the various companies (in order to define the most effective media channels, as an example), to find business clients for themselves (using direct marketing), to address for consultation or attraction high specialized experts and many others.

3. Setting the goals. Agency’s client can not always accurately formulate marketing campaign’ purposes. It is fair for B2B and B2C sector. Very usually, clients formulate these purposes as following expressions: “We would like to raise our sales up”; “We would like to become a market leader”; “We would like to be recognizable on the market”. Good purposes but very uncertain for being established.

What are the features of B2B agency’s job?

B2B marketing agencies should specify clients’ requirements and purposes. They (these agencies) know how to buy wholesale successfully or sell wholesale, and etc.

Take a look at the following examples:

“We would like to raise our sales up” means “we’d like to raise revenues up”. This purpose is equal to new clients’ attraction, keeping in touch with existing clients, taking a part in competitive struggle. After a preliminary analysis of existing market conditions B2B marketing agency can answer the following questions: on how many percent client’s sales can be raised up under the certain conditions; what time period is required to achieve this goal and specify some commercial moments. As an outcome the purpose can be formulated as: ‘To raise the sales up on 15% per the first 6 months”.

“We would like to become a market leader”. In this case primary market analysis is also required, namely, who and why is a market leader nowadays; how are his leads positions connected with marketing campaign (corporate recognasibility, positioning, for instance). In coordination with certain client this purpose can be specified til following: “To become one of the tree leaders, estimated in goods turnover indicator (or the other non-material ones)”.

“We would like to be recognizable on the market”. This purpose demands: target audience definition; an estimation of company’s, good’s or service’s recognasibility under existing conditions; an estimation of market prospects. As an outcome take a look at this expression: “To raise up good “A” recognasibility on 25% by placing this good in a Top on electronic B2B marketplace”.

4. Working period. It is necessary to understand that the one of the main features of B2B market is a complex and long-term decision making period. Therefore B2B marketing campaign requires more time not only for preparation (interrogations, researches, co-operation with client). But also for launching, carrying out and received results estimations.

What are the features of B2B agency’s job?

It is important to make exact working plan and co-ordinate it with the customer, to specify the time period, budget and expected results. During the work this plan can be reconsidered, can be corrected according to market tendencies. It is also important to control over observance of each plan’s stage and to compare the received results with planned values. Taking into account campaign duration client should know and control work course. On the one hand, B2B marketing demands big efforts from the both sides (client and B2B marketing agency). On the other hand, B2B marketing establishes close business ties with different companies (that is very important in business-to-business sector).

B2B marketing agencies’ prospects are considerable. The first reason is dynamic B2B developing and interest growth in this sector. The second one is that B2B is rather free marketing niche, and then B2C is characterized by high level of a competition.