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Too Good To Be True: Where To Place Wholesale Products For Free -

Too good to be true: Where to place wholesale products for free


There are some real opportunities to place wholesale goods for free and in the same time make them visible and searchable for wholesale buyers. Continue reading for the details.

Where to place wholesale products for free?

It isn’t “how to sell wholesale” guide, it is a guide “where to place wholesale goods”. Place wholesale goods on the Internet for free and successfully? Yes, it’s possible. To make it offline (placing at exhibitions, in warehouses, in wholesale shops, advertising in printing press) seems unreal. Exhibitions, warehouses and wholesale shops have rent, press’ information services cost money. It doesn’t mean you should leave it in order to avoid outlay. No investments, no business development. Exhibition’s, press’, warehouse’s owners are in business to make money, as you are. And only the Internet can let you place and promote wholesale goods for free.

B2B market place is a place number one.

What is it? In simple worlds it is an electronic catalog consisting of direct manufacturers from all over the world. All you need to place wholesale goods is the time to find an appropriate market place and register on it. B2B market place is a source of business information, namely, wholesale goods and business service list; price list; contact information; competitors’ actions and others. This catalog has defined structure: categories and subcategories; searching line; “for buyers” page and “for sellers” page; visible language icons (EN, DE, FR and others). All the offers are located according to category, the most competitive products are placed on the TOP (most visible) position. No wonder, market place is becoming more competitive every day. Market places can differ one from another. To understand all the option and opportunities better visit one or two B2B platforms.

How to place?

At the beginning choose 1 to 3 co-products for placing on B2B portal. Many market places, such as B2B Club, do not limit products or services number placed by one company. It is one of the main advantages for diversified company doing business in absolutely different spheres at the same time.

Prepare product or service description. It will be better to type this information in Word that will make registration as simple as copy-paste procedure.

Make and choose 1 to 3 quality photos per one good’s type. And upload them on the site. Business portals which don’t allow uploading the goods illustration won’t give the results. Commercial order consisting of only words can not attract proper clients’ attention.

Don’t forget about logo. Logo is a face of your company which can raise its recognition among the clients.

Type all contact information, especially email and Internet site, Skype and icq number. Wholesale clients, who found your offer on B2B electronic market place, prefer online communications. Some business portals provide direct link to corporate web site for free. On the one hand, it is more useful for clients who would like to get more information, on the other hand, it promotes corporate web site automatically.

Business portals supported by government is a place number two.

What is it? Within the business supporting programs government can organize special online business portals where manufacturers, suppliers and wholesale buyers can register and do business online. These programs can be used by local and sometimes foreign business players successfully. Partnerships build on strong governmental platform guarantee long-term reliable co-operation.

How to place depends on administration requirements. They may limit the products number, make portal as high specialize or/and local business site. In other cases registration procedure is similar: product-description-photo-logo-contacts.

Social network is a place number three.

What is it? It is the web sites popular among your staff, such as Facebook, MySpace and many others. If you produce general industrial equipment it is not the best way of placing commercial offers, but if your products belong to FMCG type group on Facebook can be useful. Social network is a place with a lot of young and business active people, advanced Internet users. Some of these people plane to start own business or diversify already existing one.

How to place? Register company name as a personal user, make a group “Wholesale goods”, “wholesale supplier” or other one, and invite persons using searching criteria.

Own Internet wholesale shop (wholesale e-shop) is a place number four.

What is it? It’s up to you. To make own business portal is a good experience to understand online operation from the inside. Being owner means establish ‘game rules’. Do everything (structure, design, searching procedures) as you’d like to see. You may diversify wholesale e-shop by inviting manufacturers, raw materials suppliers, dealers, retails you’d like to work with. Check the statistic data, analyze clients’ behavior, and build the forecasts. There are one hundreds and one opportunities. The main disadvantages are money and time. Working on good and useful business platform requires not less than 1 year. The same time requires for promotion (to raise its attendance). If outsource IT-specialists, quality business portal can cost not less than 5 thousands euros. In any case making own business portal will be much better after using existing B2B market places.

Right placing is the one of the successful company’s secrets.

Good luck on your business way.


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