Allied Chemical Supplies: Cape Town, 17 Benbow Avenue, Epping 2 Industrial

Allied Chemical Supplies

Country South Africa
City Cape Town
Address 17 Benbow Avenue, Epping 2 Industrial
Phone +27-212-987700
Contact person Elvis Kruger

Allied Chemical Supplies Ltd is a South African based chemical trading company. The business is focused on distribution of Chemical raw materials to the plastics, rubber, coatings, abrasives, refractories, food and associated industries.

Allied Chemicals realizes that people are the key to our success, our customers, suppliers and personnel are our future, we believe in operating our business with absolute integrity, efficiency and service excellence. Quality is an integral part of the way we do business.

Allied Chemicals commenced business in 2001.

Global trade and distribution is further enhanced through our principals in Europe, the Far East and India, supported by trade offices in China and Allied Chemicals Australia. Allied Chemicals has very strong links with Possehl Erzkontor GmbH, a German based trading company. We are proud to help look after their portfolio of business in South Africa. In South Africa Allied Chemicals is associated with the companies C- Tec SA (Pty) Ltd, Allied Plastics (Pty) Ltd and Ndeke Aviation Service (Pty) Ltd.

Realizing the vast potential of the Far Eastern economies, in 2006 Allied Chemicals established a trade office based in Mainland China. This provides a vital link for the sourcing of products from prime manufacturers in China, Korea and Taiwan. During 2009, Allied Chemicals established trade links with various suppliers in India and continues to expand trade in this region. In 2011 , a company was established in Perth, Australia.