Cangzhou Oubeiruike Instrument And Equipment Co., Ltd: Cangzhou, Xianxian,fengxiangyuan

Cangzhou Oubeiruike Instrument And Equipment Co., Ltd

Country China
City cangzhou
Address xianxian,fengxiangyuan
Phone +86-18733776664
Contact person Key NI

Cangzhou Oubeiruike Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd in Cangzhou City,Hebei province, east of Bohai, north of Beijing and Tianjin, and Shandong Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula across the sea, is determined by the State Council, open economic zone.

         The company has advanced processing equipment, strong design,development and manufacturing in one of the processing capacity,precision machine parts to complete by the large-scale machining center.Is the current domestic production of building test instrument of highwaytesting instrument, key enterprises. The main products: asphalt test instrument, concrete, cement testing instrument, soil test instrument,curing box, curing room, waterproof coiled material equipment,construction equipment and so on.

          At present, we operate various kinds of products to spot a complete variety of supply, fair and reasonable price advantage, active and enthusiastic service attitude, excellent customer service guarantee high-quality skilled service market, the products are mainly used in building,highway, railway, universities, research institutes, water, electricity,municipal, environmental protection, exploration, health and epidemic prevention etc.