Geomax. Misztal - Stateczny Sp.j: Willowa, Przemysłowa 16 Zakład Produkcyjny Ul., Willowa 22, 24-300 Opole Lubelskie

Geomax. Misztal - Stateczny Sp.j

Country Russia
City Willowa
Address Przemysłowa 16 Zakład produkcyjny ul., Willowa 22, 24-300 Opole Lubelskie
Phone 818276044
Contact person Marcin Andrejz

we are manufacturers and we  have been present on the cosmetic market since 1987.Our long experience in the cosmetic industry as well as our monitoringof changing trends has aroused our interest in natural products andnature has become the source of our inspiration.Our offer includes comprehensively tested, top quality * bath cosmetics such as natural and bio soaps, bathing salts and goat’s milk bathing liquids, creams and gels, iodine and bromine shower soaps, oils * body-care cosmetics such as facial, hand and foot creams, and facial masks with peat mudOur top quality products come in aesthetic packaging with natural and ecological designs.All cosmetics manufactured by Geomax. Misztal - Stateczny sp.j are developed based on our own ideas and recipes, with best manufacturing practice, and meet all the requirements of the applicable provisions of law.They are neutral for the environment, they are not tested on animals, and they contain no GMOs.