Icircon Electronic Technology Limited: Shenzhen, Xixiang Baoan

Icircon Electronic Technology Limited

Country China
City Shenzhen
Address xixiang baoan
Phone +8613048960591
Website www.icirconnector.com/
Contact person Molly Tang

Icircon Tech. Co. Ltd. Was established on 2010, located in core of Economic city Shenzhen, China.
Icircon Tech mostly focus on the field of designing, manufacturing and supply of push-pull connectors and cable assembly.
So far our highly qualified team has made a number of milestone in designing and manufacturing.

Our high quality products are found in variety of challenging application environment,
which widely used in the area of medical equipments, telecommunication, electronics,
motor and power industries. Our connector are most suitable for easy and quick mating and unmating requirement
and for the devices which require better screening such as IC control system, medical equipments, test and measurement of instruments,
 telecommunication etc.
The product produced by our company are perfectly design for push-pull self latching system which makes to use it easily and safely,
 high packing density for space saving, high quality applicable for high level sensor and comes with gold plated which prolong and
steadied its effectiveness.

We have range of product readily available in different size and measurements for convenient use.
 Meanwhile, we also provide OEM service where our professional engineer can help to design and customize product
based on the special request of clients, which makes our company ability to offer one stop solution for connector cable assemblies.