Jems Company W.l.l: Salmabad, Post Office Box : 37734 Salmabad, Industrial Area, Beside KIA Bin Hindi , Bahrain.

Jems Company W.l.l

Country Bahrain
City Salmabad
Address Post office Box : 37734 Salmabad, Industrial Area, beside KIA bin hindi , Bahrain.
Phone 973 39236574
Contact person Jupiter Jehan

JEMS is a unique experienced professional engineering technical service support provider for various ‎industries. Since 1988 in Asia with special emphasis on middle east arab gulf countries
Our core business is industrial commercial construction industry equipments, machinery, cranes, ‎generators, boilers, solar & wind power equipments supply erection commissioning.  ‎
We Supply Repairs Maint erection Boiler, medical equipment, generator, overhead & truck cranes ‎
Prime Services
 Industrial Commercial Equipments Machinery Engineering & Technical service support provides
 Equipment & Machinery trading contracting
 Industrial turn key Infrastructure Builder
 Machinery Parts, Hardware & Software Supply
 Custom Design Product Development
 Technical Training Provider
Our Main Focus:-‎
 Heavy Equipment Machinery Parts Trading, Manufacturing, Import & Export.‎
 Cranes Safety Limit Computer LMI-SLI-PAT-ACS Supply, Installation & Calibration.‎
 Generators, Engine, Alternators, Boilers, Furnace, Controller Supply & Service.‎
 Marine off Shore Equipments Machineries & Devices Supply & Services.‎
 Construction Pile Foundation Rigger, Hammer & Tool Supply, Repairs & Recondition.‎
 Truck, Trailer Electro-Pneumatic-Hydraulic Transmission & Engine EFI Supply.‎
 Machine Shop Lathe Works, Aluminium, Wood, Glass, Marble PLC/CNC Machinery.‎
 Low/High Lift Ariel Access Plat Form, Rescue & Fire Fight Truck Supply & Services.‎
 Reinforcement, Steel Fabrications, Profile cutting PLC/CNC Machinery & Tool.‎

Our focus on Industry includes:-‎
 Material Handling Equipments & all kind of Cranes.‎
 Earth Moving Heavy Equipments.‎
 Marine Industry Equipments.‎
 Generator, Parts, Power Plant.‎
 Petro-Chemical Industry Machinery & Parts.‎
 Aluminium, Wood, Glass & Marble Machinery.‎
 Slaughtering House Equipments & Devices.‎
 Automotive Garage Equipment & Parts.‎
 Industrial Machinery, Equipments & Parts.‎
 Alternative Energy Equipments & Machinery.‎
 Bio-Medical & healthcare Equipment.‎
 Fiber Glass, Rubber & Plastics Machinery.‎
 Printing, Publishing & Packing Machinery.‎
 Food Processing & Packing Industry Machinery.‎
 Tyre Retread & Recycling Plant Machinery.‎
 Trucks & Trailer Transmission & Equipments.‎
 I T Industry Backup Heavy Duty UPS-HPS.‎
 Media & Advertisement Industry Equipments.‎

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