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Life Nano Plastic Product (zhangzhou) Co.,ltd

Country China
City Zhangzhou
Address LianChiWei, Bu Wen Village, Long Wen District
Phone +86 0592-2296206
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As a leading manufacturer, Life Nano Plastic Product(Zhangzhou) Co.,LTD stays ahead of competitors in the compressed melamine sponge industry.  In China, we are the only manufacturer that focus on R&D application and solution of compressed melamine sponge.Our high density compressed melamine sponge is ideal for cleaning:  household, kitchen, bathroom, floor, wall, car, tile,  floor, and fruits.Thanks to our supeior quality and competitive prices, we have worked with many big retailers from all over the world. Believe our product can bring you more profits as well.  Hope to get a win-win cooperation together.