Metkob Miners Co. Ltd: Bertoua, P.O Box 2210 Berti Rd, Bétaré-Oya, East Region

Metkob Miners Co. Ltd

Country Cameroon
City Bertoua
Address P.O Box 2210 Berti Rd, Bétaré-Oya, East Region
Phone +23767485494
Contact person Mbella Humphrey

Metkob Miners Co. Ltd is a gold-mining and exploration company, with more than a decade of experience. Metkob Miners Co. Ltd has operations in Betareoil Far Nord Region and in Batouri, East Region Cameroon one of the Central Africa’s most well-known gold mining regions. In 2014, Metkob Miners Co. Ltd produced 900 kg of gold and was the third largest producer of gold in Cameroon and the sixth largest in the Central Africa.
Metkob Miners Co. Ltd, we understand the significant impact that our company has on the lives of people, the environment and the communities that surround our mines, and the economic strength of the countries in which we operate. We measure up and we deliver.