Ndarow Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd: Douala, Head Office, Akwa / Rue 1180 P.O. Box. 1752 Akwa

Ndarow Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd

Country Cameroon
City Douala
Address Head office, Akwa / Rue 1180 P.O. Box. 1752 Akwa
Phone 00237681560012
Contact person Molah Mulema

NDAROW Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd is an agro-industrial company with plantations in the Northwest and South west region of Cameroon involved in the export of cocoa and coffee beans (both Robusta and Arabica coffee), Corn, Beans, Rice, Tea, Palm oil, Palm Nuts, Honey, etc. This cooperative society that was created in 2007 deals with the export of high quality robusta and arabica coffee, cocoa beans and marketing of pesticides/insecticides which can be used in various cash crop farming. Our export cocoa and coffee is of the best quality and standard and NDAROW Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd ensures that this expectation is fulfilled. We have ware houses back in Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Gabon from where we arrange FOBs to different ports of discharge worldwide.