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Shenzhen Meditech Technology Co., Ltd.

Country China
City Shenzhen
Address No.226, Xinpo Road, Potoubei, Ailian Community, Longcheng Street
Phone 86-755-28690225
Contact person Nicole Young

Shenzhen Meditech Technology Co., Ltd. Professional Industrial & Cleanroom Swabs Manufacturer

Founded in 2014, Meditech Swab is a direct factory to fulfill the growing need in the industrial swabs and cleanroom swabs. Our expertise is back up with two decades of experience in cleanroom consumable swabs related business.


We are committed to produce the top quality industrial swabs and cleanroom swabs, including foam swabs, polyester swabs, microfiber swabs, flocked swabs. Customized swabs in different size, colors of handle, or ESD-safe are available. We are specialized in design and developing new types of industrial swabs and cleanroom swabs to meet our customers’ specific requirement.

In addition, our swabs are very good substitute for ITW Texwipe Swabs with same quality and competitive price.

Our products are used in the electronics, semiconductors, Hard disk drives, Optics-electronics, TFT-LCD, IC, SMT ,PCB and medical, pharmaceutical, food processing and biotech industries.

Production and Quality Control:

Meditech Swabs with their trademark green handles, are the standard in cleanrooms across the globe. Manufactured with a complete thermal bond, eliminating adhesive contamination.

Our engineer had re-designed new swab manufacturing machines and molds to produce daily high capacity output to meet today competitive market price and also improving the quality on thermal seal bonding strength.


Our customers are involved in various sectors: Micro electronics, Automotive ,Electronics, Medical, Clean Room. Our Customer base includes LG Electronics, Flextronics, Foxconn, Panasonic, Alcatel and so on. We are identified as one of the most trustworthy suppliers of all above products. This also enabled the enterprise in occupying an invincible position in the market.

We have provided industrial & cleanroom swab solutions for variety organizations across the industrial, medical, aerospace, printing, electronics and other sectors.

With our full integrated manufacturing processes, it enable us to greatly reduce our production costs to support our global distributors to compete in the global market. Our global customers include some multi-national companies, OEM manufacturers and big private label distributors.


In order to ensure we meet that commitment, Meditech will continue to invest steadily in technology, innovation and quality to create and maintain state-of-the-art system.

Meditech achieves superior product quality and consistency by utilizing technological innovations.

We have ongoing commitment to technology, quality and consistency by utilizing technological innovation with a goal to append the analytical laboratory to the manufacturing process.

We will be your reliable partner for manufacturing top cleanroom swabs. Let us serve you in the near future…

We can send samples of we sell all swabs, to ensure your approval on quality, packaging and pricing.