Shenzhen Zhongyi Technology Co.,ltd: ShenZhen, Building D3,Yingzhan Industrial Zone,Pingshan New Distric,Shenzhen,China

Shenzhen Zhongyi Technology Co.,ltd

Country China
City ShenZhen
Address Building D3,Yingzhan Industrial zone,Pingshan New Distric,Shenzhen,China
Phone +8613392803903
Contact person Cynric Wu

Zhongyi Technology CO.,Ltd. is devoted to the best and the fastest services for innovation and development of electronic technology, striving to build a world-class Printed Circuit Board manufacturer. The company headquarters and production base is located  in Shenzhen, China , has formed a global marketing model , providing quality services to more than 3000 companies and individuals at home and abroad. We set up online ordering platform for global customers to provide convenient and efficient way to order.

The company has a professional technical team with 10 years of experience in PCB manufacturing, constantly enhance the level of PCB technology and production capacity. Our main service group are electronic products company, a entrepreneurial group , DIY. We can shorten their period of manufacturing and our high quality PCB to ensure that the qualified rate of product development. Main application areas are computer peripheral equipment, communication terminals, automotive electronics, medical equipment, power supply, LED lighting, data transmission, cable television and other intelligent electronic products.

Zhongyi Technology CO.,Ltd. can accept any quantity for the convenience of customers, and our pricing system is transparent, with no hidden costs, which can save a lot of cost. At the same time with the fastest delivery time, to allow customers to experience our high quality product quickly.

The future goals of Zhongyi Technology CO.,Ltd. is on the basis of PCB business, realize the one-stop service, providing customers with more valuable technical service, to create more value for customers.