Xi'an Victory Biochemical Technology Co.,ltd.: Xi'an, No. 77, Keji 2nd Road, GuangDianYuan Bldg B, Unit 3, Rm 2802

Xi'an Victory Biochemical Technology Co.,ltd.

Country China
City Xi'an
Address No. 77, Keji 2nd Road, GuangDianYuan Bldg B, Unit 3, Rm 2802
Phone +86 152 9168 0751
Website biovictory.com
Contact person Jason Duan

Xi’an Victory Biochemical Technology (Victory Biotech) is a next-generation botanical extracts company with strong focus on product quality and customer care. We are committed to working with customer’s procurement needs with evidence of product quality and transparent delivery status. We have customers now in more than 60 countries around the globe; they are in pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, food, beverage, and cosmetics industries.

We work hand in hand with our alliance of local herbal growers and academia, covering herb selection, trace analytical research, innovated extraction method, and new product development. Our never-ending innovation process involves with our customers in idea generation, specific ingredient purification, new product / service development, supply chain compatibility, and optimal business processes. Our commitments to action enable us to stay at the forefront of progress and delivering the best ingredients available.

Victory Biotech was founded in 2010 by vibrant biomedical scientists upon finishing their doctorate degrees in the US and Japan, with beliefs to deliver unparalleled health-promoting ingredients and promote good health by lessening lifestyle illnesses.

We are headquartered in Xi’an (pronounced as ‘shee-ahn’), where had been the starting point of the Silk Road and the capital city for thirteen dynasties in China’s history. With mild weather, ample sunshine, adequate rainfall, vast plain and surrounding mountainous areas, Xi’an is a major raw herb marketplace in China. We welcome you visit us and all to be a part of our innovation processes.