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  January 26th, 2024 | Written by

Porto Itapoá Innovates with In-House Emergency Cage for Port Rescue Operations

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In a groundbreaking move within the Brazilian port industry, Porto Itapoá introduces an exclusive and innovative solution for emergency situations: its own rescue cage. Recognizing the absence of such equipment in the national market, the Porto Itapoá team took the initiative to develop a cage tailored to the specific needs of port operations.

Designed for critical rescues, the cage features four doors, ensuring easy access for rescue teams. This meticulous design aims to optimize rescue operations during emergencies, guaranteeing efficiency and swift responses. Equipped with a hoisting system, the cage facilitates the allocation of potential accident victims, streamlining maneuvers and expediting rescue efforts, even in maritime scenarios.

Sergni Pessoa Rosa Jr., Director of Operations, Technology, and Environment at Porto Itapoá, emphasizes the necessity for this solution, stating that existing options in Europe did not meet their specific requirements. The collaborative approach undertaken during the cage’s conception, involving active participation from various sectors of Porto Itapoá, ensured that the equipment addressed the real demands of port rescue accurately.

While the introduction of the emergency cage signifies a significant addition to Porto Itapoá’s operations, it remains a measure they hope never to employ. However, its presence underscores the terminal’s commitment to operational excellence and prioritizing life protection.

As the sole port in Brazil with this safety innovation, Porto Itapoá not only enhances its preparedness for critical situations but also solidifies its reputation as an innovator and leader in safety within the national port industry.