Thermal Gap Pad -

Thermal Gap Pad


Comparison between GLPOLY fiber reinforced silicone thermal pad and GP 2000S400

With the same thermal conductivity, Bergquist products are better than other brand? Some featured comparison data between GLPOLY XK-P20S20 and GP2000S400 as follow, GLPOLY XK-P20S20 features:

  1. GLPOLY Silicone thermal pad is resilient and with great deformation. Suitable for 24h vertical operated device without oil bleeding.
  2. Double layer structure with fiberglass reinforced, increasing the resistance to punching, malformation design and molding
  3. Self-adhesive and never recede
  4. No corrosion to the Copper surface

Comparison data shows that the GLPOLY XK-P20S20 can compete with GP2000S400, GLPOLY invest a lot of effort in developing thermal interface materials and thermal solution. Now we serve a mutitude of industies including comsumerelectronics, computer, automotive, LED, military, power conversion and telecommunications and so on.