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0.7~1.0mm Natural Thermal Graphite Sheet

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ALIBABA.COM TRADE ASSURANCE CODE BEGIN ALIBABA.COM TRADE ASSURANCE CODE END Custom 0.7~1.0mm Natural Thermal Graphite SheetThermal Graphite Series LD8G12Features:-High thermal performance-Flexible enough to comfort to kinds of surfacesTypical applications:-LED lighting/Heat sink-LCD-TV/DVD-Communication Devices-For sealing or protecting in high temperature stoveConfiguration:-Laminated with metal/plastic to meet mechanical and electrical demands.-Adhesive-backed available-Pre-cut parts or sheets formProperties:Typical Properties of LD8G12PropertyUnitMetric ValueTest MethodMaterialGraphiteThicknessMm0.7-1.0ASTM D374HardnessShore A80ASTM D2240Specific Gravityg/cc1.1-1.3ASTM D792Continuous use Temp℃-40~+400EN344ElectricallyFlame RatingV-0UL 94ThermalThermal Conductivity (vertical direction)w/m-k5-10ASTM D5470Thermal Conductivity   (horizontal direction)w/m-k430-500ASTM D5470Logistics InformationLEADEROPUS FAQQ:What’s the thermal conductivity test method given on the data sheet?A: All the data in the sheet are tested out by the third party. ASTM D5470 is utilized to test the thermal conductivity.Q: How to find a right thermal conductivity for your application?A: It depends on the watts of power source,Website:http://www.leaderopus.com, ability of heat dissipation. For any customers, please contact us for the technical support.Q: Are thermal pads offered with tacky?A: Yes, all the thermal pads have its inherent tacky. All the models are natural tacky for two sides, except for the LD8100U,only one side has natural tacky.Q: Are thermal pads reworkable?A: It’s depend on the application and the pad being used. Thermal pads have been reused before, however,it’s up to the judgment of product designer, to see whether the pads could withstand reuse.Q:Will the heat make the thermal pads softer?A: From -60-150,there is no significant change in the hardness of thermal pads, as gap filler.Q: What’s the tolerance for the thickness?A :Normally ±10%.Q: Are the thermal pads electrical insulating?A: Yes, all thermal pads are electrically isolated.Q: What’s the shelf life for thermal pads?A: Shelf life for thermal pad is one year after the date of manufacture. For the pads with adhesive, the shelf life is 6months after the date of manufacture. After these dates, all the characters should be retested.Q: Can the thermal pads be with fiberglass?A: YES, we could have thermal pads with fiberglass center to improve customer specific requirements for the tensile strength.LD8100U has fiberglass on its surface, all other models will be made at your requirement.Remark: Data for design engineer spec. reference only. Engineers are reminded to test the material in application.Natural Thermal Graphite SheetLD8G15,0.03~0.8mmT    LD8G12,0.7~1.0mmT    LD8G10,1.0~2.4mmTArtificial Thermal Graphite Sheet SeriesLD8t,0.012~0.1mmT

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