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1 Ru L3 Aggregation Olt Olt9908

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Dibsys OLT series,Website:http://www.dibvision.com, which has high reliability, highly dense EPON access and robust switching and routing abilities, is a new generation of broadband and multiservice access OLT devices oriented towards the service-integrated network. Dibsys OLT series adopts the operating system whose intelligent property is owned by Dibsys, integrates with network security, EPON, supports data, voice and video, and provides continuous forwarding, graceful restarting and ring protection, improving the work efficiency and securing the maximum running time. Dibsys OLT series includes three models: 1. 8 PON ports, 8 GE uplink; 2. 12 PON ports, 8 GE uplink; 3. 16 PON ports, 8 GE uplink. All OLT products support power source redundancy. Dibsys OLT series can be widely applied on the networks of the carriers, EPON in the NGB upgrade of the Broadcast, TV and film system, or automatic power distribution, power-consumed information collection and PFTTH in the electric power industry.● Abiding by IEEE802.3ah, The OLT series meets relevant requirements of GEPON OLT regulated in technical Requirements of YD/T1475-2006—EPON and China Telecom EPON Technical Requirements.● The OLT products are standalone devices with high density and optional 10G uplink expansion, so they are easy for expansion and upgrade.● The OLT products has L2/L3/L4 functions, supports 128Gbps backplane bandwidth, static routes,RIP, OSPF and so on. It supports advancedfunctions such as QoS, bandwidth control and multicast, adding extra values to the whole network.● This series of products has high reliability. The power source can be backed up through the“1+1” mode. At the same time, VRRP, STP andLACP provide further reliability.● A maximum optical coupling ratio of 1:64, up to 1024 ONUs and a 20km transmission distance.● The OLT supports various interface types including GE, TE and EPON.● Dibsys OLT series supports CTC2.0/2.1/3.0 wholly, automatically detects and works harmoniously with ONUs made by different manufacturers.● It supports the RFC 1213 SNMP protocol. The internal network management mode adopts the Telnetbased configuration management or the SNMPbased configuration management, realizing uniform network management based on the Broad Director network management platform.

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