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10 Inchdenmark Amplfier Powered Line Array

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Applications: Medium scale venues including stadium, concert hall, auditorium, theater, clubs, touring show, rental market etc. The LA110A+ is a 10" two-way active  line array speaker designed to cover a broad range of sound reinforcement applications whilst meeting the critical needs of the professional user.Featuring drivers designed and manufactured in UK and extremely high quality cabinets made from high density plywood you can be assured of our commitment to producing a high quality product.Combined with Denmark Pascal high power Active DSP controlled Amplifier. But it's more than that.It can be used in Applications like Live sound for rental application for small and mid-size venues, Permanent installation in theaters, houses of worship, convention centers, Portable PA, clubs, ballrooms, live theaters and almost anywhere else that people gather to enjoy music or hear the spoken word, are within the ability of the LA110A+ to respond with acoustical perfection. LA110A+ system is combined in modularization, which is suitable for any performance venues. FEATURES:A high quality titanium compression driver with HF double 1.5 inch designed and manufactured in UK by Celestion.The low and mid frequency driver - designed and manufactured by Celestion in UK as well - is a high output neodymium MF/ and titanium LF driver to improve sensitivity and dispersion.Precision-made 18 mm and 15 mm high density birch plywood cabinet (up to 15-ply) and finished with durable paint for touring and rental use.The integrated rigging system has a 7:1 safety coefficient.Designed for a multitude of fixed-installation applications and outdoor use.Recommended for use with B18A+ Active 2.1 Sub woofers.(Denmark Pascal amplifier)Model A10+Type 10 Inch Two-way Touring Line Array SystemFrequency response 60Hz-20kHz ± 3dBPower Handing LF 350W (RMS) 700W (PEAK) HF 60W (RMS) 120W (PEAK)Sensitivity LF 98dB(1W@1M)/HF110dB(1W@1M)Max SPL(@1m) 129dB(PEAK/1M)Coverage(H x V) 75°H×15°VLF driver 1 x 10" woofer (UK Celestion/Spain Beyma/Domestic optional)HF driver 2 × 1.5"UK Celestion driverSpeaker cables LF 1(+)1(-)  HF 2(+)2(-)Connector 2×NL4MP SpeakonCabinet High Density plywoodDimensions(W x H x D) 565×300×370mm(W×H×D)Net Weight 20kgEach powered can OEM according to customer requirement. Driver optional : UK Celestion,Spain BeymaModel B18A+Type 18 inch Active DSP-controlled Sub bass(2.1 mode )Frequency response 40Hz-250Hz ± 3dBPower Handing 1000W (RMS) 2000W (PEAK)Sensitivity 99dB(1W@1M)Max SPL(@1m) 130dB(PEAK/1M)LF driver 1 x 18" Bass(UK Celestion/Spain Beyma/Domestic optional)Denmark Pascal Amp 400w+400w+2500w@8ΩRMS;2.1mode,Inbuilt Italy DSPSpeaker cables LF 1(+)1(-)  HF 2(+)2(-)Connector 2×NL4MP SpeakonCabinet High Density plywoodDimensions(W x H x D) 565×740×705mm(W×H×D)Net Weight 54kg

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