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100t Vacuum Degassing Furnace

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If you are looking for reliable industrial 100t vacuum degassing furnace for steelmaking, steel industry, and for melting stell from China 100t vacuum degassing furnace manufacturers, suppliers and company, or if you are checking small 100t vacuum degassing furnace price, please feel free to contact TYMEC.Vacuum Degassing furnace (VD) is one kind of furnace for removing gas of H2, N2, O2, CO and other inclusions inside liquid steel through negative pressure to improve its property. In the sealing vacuum vessel, the inclusions are removed with the help of several stages of boosters, injectors, valves and pumps within very short time. The treatment effect of VD depends on equipment functions and melting process.The features of VD are as following:Compact process with many stages of vacuum pumpsHigh quality after VD treatmentAdopt Argon blowing during VD processingShort refining timeClean and unharmfulExact control for each stepVD parameters:[H]1.5ppm,  But at early stage of refining process:〔H〕≤ 8 ppm[O]20ppm,  But at early stage of refining process :〔O〕≤40 ppm[N]50ppm,  De-nitrogen rate of〔N〕is 20~40%,average25%The working vacuity ≤67 Pa (after main shut-off valve), and the limited vacuity ≤20Pa (after main shut-off valve)The pre-evacuating time from atmospheric pressure to 67Pa(for the state of ladle entering to vessel) should be ≤6 min

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