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100w-150w Digital Peltier Aquarium Chillers

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Thermoelectric Aquarium Chillers  Easily install the LANDO Thermoelectric Water  Chillers in your small aquarium for quiet, efficient cooling. Greater temperature differentials can be achieved by insulating the  exterior surfaces of the aquarium.Powerheads, pumps, UV sterilizers and  high-intensity lighting all add undesirable heat into the aquarium. The Peltier  chiller is perfect for nano tanks, hydroponics setups, and aquariums .The same  thermoelectric technology used in this device is used by Peltier to generate  electricity and maintain equipment temperature in space!Chill Solutions Features:●Easy installation with a  bulkhead or suspend for top mounting with simple bracket●Uses the Peltier Effect -  Thermoelectric cooling system whereby probe cools water by removing heat and  radiating through fins of chillers●Quiet, low-speed fan, no  refrigerants●Can cool 10 gallons of  water 6° - 8°F below ambient air temp●Smart - Intelligent fan  speed control eliminates unnecessary noise●Thermoelectric Technology -  Directly converts electrical power into cooling power●Quiet - No pumps or  mechanical compressors●Fully Proportional  Temperature Control - Control circuit uses high-efficiency PWM (pulse width  modulation) technology to maintain your set temperature●Environmentally Friendly -  No refrigerants or ozone depleting chemicals●Cooling and Heating are  optionalThermoelectric Chillers Product Details :Model100W    Aquarium Chillers120W    Aquarium Chillers150W    Aquarium ChillersItem    No.LD-100WLD-120WLD-150WUnit    Size110*110*200    MM110*110*200    MM110*110*200    MMRecommended    Tank SizeUp    to 10 gallonUp    to 15 gallonUp    to 20 gallonCooling    (Heating) capacitly76W    / 80W95W    / 100W110W    / 115WRated    VoltageAC    110V-240VAC    110V-240VAC    110V-240VRated    Cycle50HZ-    60HZ50HZ-    60HZ50HZ-    60HZRated    Power100W120W150W  Packaging & ShippingPackaging:  Wooden packing  Loading  port: FOB Shenzhen of any other ports  Delivery  lead time: within 7-10 working days once got the payment .Using Thermoelectric Aquarium Chillers    Sometimes devices like large UV sterilizers, metal halide lights or water pumps  may heat the water to a temperature higher than desired. In these instances a  chiller may be necessary.  Aquarium Chillers  are  designed to decrease temperature while preventing water that is being cooled,  from coming in contact with any corrosive materials. All the chillers we offer  utilize environmentally friendly coolants. All units come with temperature  controllers that measure your aquarium's temperature and adjust it to the  desired point.  If a chiller is needed for an aquarium it should be planned into the  system as early as possible. The units used for cooling the water need to be  placed in an area that provides sufficient ventilation away from the container  that you are cooling or your chiller can be heating the water you want to cool  as the unit expels heat.

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