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10g X2 Lr

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10G X2 LRX2 10GBASE-LR, 1310nm 10km Reach (PN: S2-3192-LRC)Features ●  Compatible with X2 MSA Rev2.0b ●  Support of IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-LR at 10.3125Gbps ●  Transmission Distance up to 10Km(SMF) ●  SC Receptacle 1310nm DFB Laser ●  SC Duplex Optical Connector ●  Hot Pluggable 70-PIN Connector with XAUI Electrical Interface ●  Management and control via MDIO 2-wire interface ●  Power Supply :+3.3V, APS(+1.2V) ●  Diagnostic Optics Monitoring ●  Temperature Range: 0~70 °C ●  ROHS CompatibleApplications ●  10GE Ethernet switches and routers ●  10GE Core-routers ●  10GE Storage●  Other 10Gbps Ethernet Transmission SystemAbsolute Maximum RatingsParameter Symbol Min Max Unit Ref. Storage Ambient Temperature Range -40+85°Cnon condensingPowered case Temperature Range    0+70°Cnon condensingAdaptable Power Supply (APS)Vapsense01.5VVoltage @ Pin APS SenseSupply Voltage Range @ 3.3VVcc3-0.54.0V Any stress beyond the maximum ratings can result in permanent damage. The device specifications are guaranteed only under the recommended operating conditions.Recommended Operating Conditions             Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit Operating Case TemperatureTc0 +70°CPower Supply Voltage VCC33.143.03.47V VAPS1.1521.21.248Power DissipationPD 3.54WOrdering information for 10G X2 LRPart Number Product Description S2-3192-LRCX2  10.3125Gbps 1310nm 10Km, 0°C ~ +70°C

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