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10g Xenpak Cwdm 80km

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Product Description
XENPAK CWDM 80KM10 Gigabit CWDM XENPAK 80km Transceiver (PN: SK-Cxx92-80)Features ●  XAUI Electrical Interface: 4 Lanes @ 3.125Gbit/s ●  Cooled CWDM EML Laser ●  Hot Z-Pluggable ●  SC-Duplex Optical Receptacle ●  MDIO, DOM Support ●  APD Photo-detector ●  Power dissipation < 4W ●  Compliant to XENPAK MSA 3.0 ●  Mechanical Footprint: 4.76" L x 1.42" W x 0.46" H ●  Compliant to IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-ZR Application ●  Case operating temperature: 0 to 70 °CReference ●  IEEE 802.3ae as 10GBASE-ZR, XENPAK MSA Release3.0Optical Characteristics Table1. Optical CharacteristicsNo. Parameters Symbols Min. Typ. Max. Unit NOTE 1Center WavelengthλcX-6.5XX+6.5nm12Signaling speed-10.3125-Gbit/s3Signaling speed variation from nominal-100-+100ppm5Optical Output PowerPout0-+5dBm6Side Mode Suppression RatioSMSR30--dB7Extinction RatioER9.0--dB8Off Transmit PowerPoff---30dBm9Tx Jitter Generation(peak-to-peak)Txj1--0.1UI10Tx Jitter Generation(RMS)Txj2--0.01UI11Receiver SensitivityRsen--24dBm12Receiver OverloadRsat-6--dBm13Receiver Return LossRL12--dB1. "λ" is:1470,1490,1510,1530,1550,1570,1590,1610, please see in the "Ordering Information".Ordering Information for 10G XENPAK CWDM 80KM      Part Number Description SK-Cxx92-8010Gb/s CWDM XENPAK 80km, 1470nm~1610nm, 0~70°CWavelength xx Wavelength xx 1470 nm471550 nm551490 nm491570 nm571510 nm511590 nm591530 nm531610 nm61

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