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10g Xenpak Lr

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Product Description
10G XENPAK LRXENPAK-10GBASE-LR 1310nm, 10km Reach (PN: SK-3110G-LRC)Features ●  Compatible with XENPAK MSA Rev.3.0 ●  Support of IEEE802.3ae 10GBASE-LR ●  Transmission Distance up to 10km(SMF) ●  Uncooled directly modulated 1310nm DFB Laser ●  Temperature Range 0 to 70°C ●  Adaptable Power Supply (APS:+1.2V) ●  SC duplex Optical connector ●  Hot pluggable 70-pin connector with XAUI electrical interface ●  Management and control via MDIO 2-wire interface●  Compatible with RoHSApplications●  0GBASE-LR 10G Ethernet Parameter Fiber Type Symbol Min Typ Max. Units Operating rangeSingle Mode FiberLop2 10,000mData Rate10GBASE-LRmoduleDR0 10.3125 GbpsOptical CharacteristicsParameter Symbol min. typ. max. Unit Transmitter Average Launch PowerPAvg-8.2 -0.5dBmTransmitter and Dispersion PenaltyTDP  3.2dBCenter Wavelength Range1)λ126013101355nmSMSRSWSR30  dBExtinction RatioER4.06 dBRelative Intensity Noise12OMARIN  -128dB/HzEye Mask DefinitionAccording to IEEE 802.3aeOptical Return Loss ToleranceORLT  12dBAverage Launch Power of OFF      TransmitterPoff  -30dBmReceiver Stressed Receiver Sensitivity in OMAPssen  -10.3dBmReceiver Sensitivity in OMA2)Psen  -12.6dBmPower OverloadPo0.5  dBmSignal Detect Assert LevelPSD  -13dBmSignal Detect HysteresisPSD1  dBCenter Wavelength Rangeλ1260 1355nm1)Conforms to IEEE triple trade-off between center wavelength, RMS spectral width and minimum OMA.2)Receiver sensitivity, which is defined for an ideal input signal is informative only. Ordering information for 10G XENPAK LR    Part Number Product Description SK-3192-LRCXENPAK 1310nm 10.3125Gbps 10Km, 0ºC ~ +70ºC

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