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10pair Connection Module

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10 Pair Telecom connection ModuleDescriptionsThis  LSA IDC modules are used throughout the distribution level,Website:http://www.cabling-pro.com, in the main distribution frame (MDF), in the cross connection cabinet (CCC) and in the distribution point (DP) boxes. It is highly reliable and cost-effective wire connection system for modern telecommunications and data networks.It adopts IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection) technique, which means that no soldering, wire-stripping or the use of screws is necessary, and which clamps the wires at a 45 degree angle, thus dramatically reducing the risk of a poor termination and increasing the wiring productivity. The IDC contact is phosphor bronze, with silver plating.They use a normally closed two piece contact, with a convenient disconnection feature. By inserting a disconnect plug into a wire pair, you can temporarily or permanently disconnect the circuit. A test cord can be inserted into a pair to test each side of the circuit independently. This greatly accelerates fault identification.The center contact point can also be used for monitoring or overvoltage protection.Technical ParametersWorking temperature-40°C ~ 80°CRelative humidity≤93%(+40°C)Appearancethe color of all metal and plastic parts is uniform, without any scratch, rust, crusting and crackslabelsclear and completeConductor diameter range0.32mm-0.6mm, while insulation ≤ 1.4mmPulling strength≥25N while pulling from the vertical side of the contactsFlame retardant performanceall plastic parts are flame retardant, reaching grade of UL FV0Silver plating thickness0.5umLife circle≥200 timesMain Features1) Insulation Displacement Connection2) No Wire-stripping, screw and solder free3) Reliable connections4) Clear labeling5) Flame retardant performance6) Modular design and installations7) Gas tight connection8) Two wires per contact9) One push wire insertion10) No Wire-stripping, screw and solder free11) Only one inexpensive tool required

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