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11 Inches Clear Mini Bong

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Color:Clear and GreenDimenstions:Approx 11 Inches in Height / Glass Tube 51mm in diameter / Base 81mm in diameterJoint Size:19mm FemaleGlass Thickness:4mmWeight:Approx 0.66LB(300g)Materlal:Permium-Grade Borosillicate glassPercolator:45mm in HeightThis one of a kind water pipe is beyond wicked cool and is one you want to get your hands on fast! From its symmetrical Circ Perc located at the bottom half of this water pipe to its mirrored top half containing 2 more circ percs,Website:http://www.smokditrots.com, this pipe is out of this world. The circ perc contains several slits which allow for the smoke to pass through cooling it down and giving the smoker and exceptional smoking experience. Made of the finest, high quality, borosilicate glass this pipe has a clean sharp look. Pipe comes with dry herb bowl,Water pipe 19 mm female joint comes with 14 mm female dry herb bowl.

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11 inches clear mini bong
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