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120w Led High Bay Light

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Product Description
Product FeaturesThe structure of lamp adopts round layered design, manifesting the uniform beauty of lamps. The driver, radiator and reflector are all round-shaped with overall uniformity and beautiful.The appearance treatment in black demonstrates elegance, fashion and distinction; more importantly, led lamp of black facilitates heat dissipation.Top quality CREE chip LED and Meanwell driver specialized design only for LED high bay light with more outstanding performance.Outstanding manufacturing technique - reflow soldering paster, design of ring array circuit, heat-conducting silica gel printing technical processing guarantees the quality.In strict accordance with the ROHS \ CE \ FCC \ SAA standard to design and produce, and through certification.Product DataModelPowerInput VoltageCCTLuminousCRIWork TemperaturePower FactorDriverLife SpanLED ChipSP-HB-120WD120W100-277V ACWW: 3000K132000lm78-20 ~ 550.95Meanwell50000hCREESP-HB-120WD120W100-277V ACNW: 4000K13800lm75-20 ~ 550.95Meanwell50000hCREESP-HB-120WD120W100-277V ACCW: 5500K14400lm73-20 ~ 550.95Meanwell50000hCREERemark:WW: 2700-3300K, NW: 3700K-4500K, CW: 5000K-6500KPower consumption tolerance for  10%Luminous flux tolerance for  10%Through 720h accelerated aging test, high and low temperature prediction in the rated under the working condition after 3500h, will provide an average 70% optic maintenance ratio (L70).Replace traditional sodium lamp: 120W LED high bay light can replace 250w traditional high bay light.Replace electrodeless lamp:at present, the power of electrodeless lamp can only up to 180w, and have  the electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation problems,as well as, its light efficiency, light decay, thermal and electrical performance etc is much less than the LED light,so the led light is the optimal chiose.Package Details:ItemN.W(kg)BOXCartonSize(mm)G.W(kg)Pcs/boxSize(mm)G.W(kg)Pcs/cartonMain Body3.98250*250*3505.51520*520*370244Reflector450.4---530*530*2509.8161200.4---440*440*4009.816Safety Notice for Using:1. Please always use the light out of its package.2. Before starting use of the light, please check if the light was damaged during ransportation. If any damage shown, please do not install or use it.3. Any maintenance should be performed by trained professionals only.4. Keep packaging materials away from the reach of children and pets. Risks of suffocation!5. Caution. The packaging contains small parts that may be swallowed by children. 6. Never leave children unattended in the vicinity of the lights and do not allow them to play with electrical devices.7. Try to avoid looking directly in the LED beam-especially for extended periods of time.8. Do not shine the LED light in another person’s eyes.9. Never cover the light by other objects.10. The products need to re-repair, inspection or special treatment of retirement after service time.Environment ConditionOperating TemperatureStorage TemperatureRelated HumidityAtmosphere Pressure-20 ~ 55-40 ~ 805% ~ 95p ~ 106KPa

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