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1211 Electronics High Heat Hot Melt Adhesive

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Product Description
1211 electronics high heat hot melt adhesive description Product Grade1211 AppearanceGranular or Rod like ColorWhiteViscosity180℃16000cps + 1500cps160℃24000cps + 1500cpsSoftening point (℃)130 + 10 Global lawOpening Hours (s)9-12 JISK-6730Tensile strength (Mpa)2.1ASTM D412-98shear strength)(Mpa)2.25Breakdown voltage (KV)>50.0  ASTM D149-97aDielectric strength (kv/mm)>10.2  ASTM D149-97aVolume resistivity)(Ω.cm)4*1014    ASTM D257-99Dielectric constant2.90  Dielectric loss factor0.0042Use temperature (℃)160~180  Texture Of MaterialPOScope of application1. Bonding of electronic and electrical equipment 2. Anti vibration fixing of electronic components on circuit board 3. Used for insulation and fixing of electronic apparatus 4. Bonding and fixing with cold resistance

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