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12v150ah Front Access Gel Battery

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Basic Info. Model NO.:FT12-150 Type:Front Terminal Telecom Battery 12V150ah Usage:Car, Bus, UPS, Electric Power, Lighting, Electric Bicycle, Boat Nominal Voltage:12V Discharge Rate:Low Discharge Rate Shape:Front Terminal Telecom Battery 12V150ah Electrolyte:Acid Installation:Fixed Rechargeable:Chargeable Model:Front Terminal Telecom Battery 12V150ah Size:551*110*288*288mm Weight:44kgs Warranty:3years Life Span:12years Certificates:CE, IEC, ISO Delivery Time:20days Export Markets:Global   Additional Info. Trademark:CSPOWER/OEM Packing:Front Terminal Telecom Battery Carton Standard:CE, IEC, ISO Origin:Guangzhou, Guangdong HS Code:8507200000 Production Capacity:1, 00, 000PCS/Month Product Description Front Terminal Lead Acid AGM battery 12v150ah High Durability Product Description 1. Valve regulated sealed free maintenance lead acid battery 12V2. Front terminal battery 12V3. Telecom battery 12V150Ah CSPOWER Front Terminal Telecom lead acid battery 12V150Ah is mainly used in the area of communication, which is novel in design, reasonable in structure and occupying the leading position in the same industry of the world.As with previous INTELEC (International Telecommunications Energy) conferences, many people were concerned about the life and durability of VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries. It can be employed in numerous applications in the fields of communications. In order to ensure that the power supply is guaranteed at all times, essential facilities are backed up with high performances battery systems. Sudden breaks in the power supply are then no longer a problem. If the power suddenly fails, battery systems take over the emergency supply of power. Front Terminal Lead Acid AGM battery 12v150ah High Durability 1. Sealed free maintenance lead acid battery. 2. Non spillable and water proof. 3. Environmental friendly.4. Thick pasted plates with high quality lead-tin-calcium alloy grids for long service life5. Centralized venting system for gas ventilation6. Plastics or rope handles for handling and installation convenience7. Front access terminals for easy and quick connection8. Low internal resistance9. Lower self discharge10. Design life is up to 12 years11. Case and cover in strong flame retardant ABS, V0 class Telecom Battery 12V150Ah Applications: 1. Communication equipment2. Uninterruptible power supplies3. Telecommunication systems4. Electronic cash registers5. Microprocessor based office machine6. Other standby power supplies Terms Details:Payment Terms: T/TMinimum Order: 10 UnitsFOB Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/HongkongLead Time: 10 - 15 daysProduct Certificate: CE, ISO, ULFront Terminal Lead Acid AGM battery 12v150ah High Durability Specification NOMINAL VOLTAGE :12V NOMINAL CAPACITY :150Ah@8hr.rate to 1.75 v/cell DIMENSIONS  TOTAL HEIGHT  CONTAINER HEIGHT  LENGHT  WIDTH :288mm(11.34 inches):288mm(11.34 inches):551mm(21.69inches):110mm(4.33 inches) WEIGHT :APPROX48.0Kg(105.82 Ibs) CONTAINER MATERIAL (FLAME RETARDANT) :UL94HB ABS:UL94V-0 ABS INTERNAL RESISTANCE(25°C,77.F) :~4.0M DISCHARGE  CAPACITY  UNDER  DIFFERENT  TEMPERATURES                              40°C                                                                       :~102%                              20°C                                                                       :~100%                                0°C                                                                       :~85%                         Characteristics CAPACITY 25°C/77.F                                20hr@2.86A                                 10hr@5.5A                               3hr@14.8A                                 1hr@36A :160Ah:150Ah:116Ah:93Ah CHARGE VOLITAGE 25°C/77.F                                STANDBY USE                                                 :13.65V±0.15V                                  CYCLE   USE                                                   :14.7V±0.3V MAX DISCHARGE CURRENT :500A(5sec) MAX CHARGE CURRENT :37.5A SELF-DISCHAREG RESIDUAL CAPACITY(25°C,77.F)                                  AFTER 3 MONTHS                                           :~90%                                  AFTER 6 MONTHS                                           :~82%                                  AFTER 12 MONTHS                                         :~70% Cycle Life(25°C,77.F)                                   30%DOD                                                            :>1800TIMES                                   50%DOD                                                            :>800TEMS                                  100%DOD                                                           :>350TEMS Front Terminal Telecom BatteryTelecom BatteryUPS BatterySealed Lead Acid BatteryMaintenance Free BatterySolar Deep Cycle AGM BatteryGel BatteryRechargeable Battery

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