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12vdc 10amp 9 Ch Cctv Power Supply With Lock On Door (12vdc10a9pl)

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12VDC 10Amp 9 Channel CCTV Power Supply with Lock on Door 12VDC10A9PL Descrition:12VDC10A9PL: 12VDC 10Amp CCTV Power Supply Box for 9 Cameras with Lock on Door The CCTV power supply is primarily designed for WUF-GV, PTZ and camera of CCTV system. It’s also used for access, building/house control, intrude alarm and other light-current. It is for desktop or wall-mounted installation. Features:1. Power up to 9 CCTV CCTV surveillance cameras2. 12 Volts DC3. 10 Amp total output4. Max output current up to 1.6 Amp/Channel5. 9 individually PTC auto-reset fuses protected outputs6. Lock on Door7. Switch mode power supply (regulated voltage)8. Integral surge protection9. Individual LED power indication10. Individual PTC reset-able fuses 11. Internal On/off safety power switch with LED indicator12. Beige metal housing Technical specifications: Model 12VDC10A9P Power 120W Metal Case Dimension 24.5×20.8×8.7cm Net Weight 2kgs Input Input Voltage 110/220VAC Input Voltage Frequency 50Hz-60Hz Average Input Current 100Vac≤1.6A Efficiency ≥80% Output Output Voltage 12VDC±5% Output Current 10A, 9 channels for 9 sets load Output Ripple Noise(Vp-p) 110mVp-p@25℃/ Rated input voltage & Rated output load Reply Time of Starting up ≤3S Input 100Vac, Rated output load Fuse Type /Rating PTC 1.6A/60V Protection Over Voltage Protection When over voltage occurs, it will switch to self-protection status to protect the load. Over Current Protection When over current occurs, the corresponding channel output will automatically switch to self-protection status, and the other channels output will work normally. When the fault is cleared, it will switch back to normal. Short-circuit Protection When short-circuit occurs, the individual PTC fuse will break the circuit. When the fault is cleared, it will switch back to normal automatically. Circumstances Working Temperature 0℃-+50℃ Storage Temperature -20℃-+80℃ RH 20%-90% Heat Release Natural heat dissipation Connection Input Three-pin socket Output 9 channels output Dielectric Strength Input to output 1500Vac/60S  leakage current≤1.5mA Input to FG 1500Vac/60S  leakage current≤2.0mA FG to output 500Vac/60S  leakage current≤1.5mA Insulating strength Input to output ≥20MΩ/500VDC@25℃ Leakage Current ≤0.02mA @AC110V(220V)/25℃ RG ≤0.012Ω@DC8V/25A/25℃ Competitive Advantages:1. This is one of the best 12VDC CCTV power supply boxes on the market for security cameras.2. We replace the cheap "glass fuse" with "PTC" Reset Fuses which will Auto Reset after you fix the short. You don't have to run around town try to find the replacement fuses. All you have to do is to fix the shorts.3. The red light shorts indicator helps you to know which camera is not working.4. Dependable and long lasting5. Warranty: 2 years

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