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1325 Carousel Type Atc

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Product Description
YS-1325 Carousel Type ATC  Functional Characteristics  1、Separate keyboard control system:easy to lean and convenient to operate.The customers are able to master the application in a short time.  2、Advanced numerical control system and intelligent anti-transgress-process protection system:this function could prevent machine crashes when the de- sign zone is beyond the process zone,lntelligent process speed control this function could control the process speed,which could increase the efficiency prolong the cutter life and increase the rate of finished products.  3、Dust-suction system: the dust suction system could absorb the saw dust and keep machines clean,which maintains epuipments as well;the dust suc- tion system takes place of the physical flat panel fixation which save the timeof load and unload time of slabs.  4、Advanced file pretreatment function can correct the error in the files and is compatible with the process codes of multiple national an international soft-ware.(such as Mastercam,Typ3,UG,Artcam,Caxa).Advance 3D in the files and is prediction algorithm can make sure of the evenness of polyline and the space curve precision of curve lones  Apply to industry and materials  Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets. Plate, office and wood furniture, tables, chair, doors and windows.  The wood products: voice box, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines table, instruments.Description and SpecificationsModel NO.YS-1325S carousal type ATCX, Y, Z Traveling Area1300mm*2500mm*300mmTable Size1440mm*3000mmPacking Dimension3200mm*1840mm*1900mmPackageStandard Exporting Wooden CaseNet Weight/Gross Weight1600KGS/1800KGSMachine ColorOptionalProcessing Accuracy±0.025mmReposition Accuracy≤0.025mmTable StructureVacuum TableLathe Bed StructureWholly SteelX Y TransmissionRack GearZ TransmissionGermany NEFF Ball ScrewX Y Z Guide RailTAIWAN HIWIN Square RailMax. Traveling Speed50m/minMax. Working Speed38m/minSpindle Power9.0KW Air Cooling SpindleMax. Spindle Speed0-24000RPMInverter11kw Fuling InverterDriving ModeJapanese 850W  YASKWA Servo MotorDriver MotorJapanese YASKAWACommand LanguageG Code, HPGLControl SystemTAIWAN LNCWorking VoltageAC380V, 50HZATC System6, 8, 10, 12 pces in circleInterfaceUSBFlash Memory128M(U Disk)Operation SoftwareArtcam, Type3Available Options for YS CNC Router  YS CNC router optional accessories: Working tableSpindle (0-9.0KW)SystemZ axis sizeDriver and motorRotary axis diameterT slotvacuumHQDHSDNc-studio March 3 DSP0-23.6inch      0-600mmStepper or servo0-19.6inch      0-500mm YS cnc router model  Process areaWorking area(inch/mm)Max working speedTravel speed X(inch/mm)Y(inch/mm)Z (inch/mm)YS 404015.715.75.915.7*15.7787inch/s 20m/min984inch/s 25m/min400400150400*400YS 606023.623.65.923.6*23.6600600150600*600YS 609023.635.45.923.6*35.4600900150600*900mmYS 121247.247.27.847.2*47.2120012002001200*1200YS 122447.294.47.847.2*94.4120024002001200*2400YS 132551987.851*98130025002001300*2500YS 1530591187.859*118150030002001500*3000YS 203078.71187.878.7*118200030002002000*300YS 204078.7157.47.878.7*157.4200040002002000*4000mm

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