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13.78 Inches Clear Bongs

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Product Description
Color:Clear and WhiteDimenstions:Approx 13.78 Inches in Height / Glass Tube 44mm in diameter / Horizontal Pipe 140mm / Base 85mm in diameterJoint Size:22mm maleGlass Thickness:4.5mmWeight:Approx 1.06LB(480g)Materlal:Permium-Grade Borosillicate glassPercolator:Inline Perc and Ice CatcherThis compact size inline to Unique percolactor water pipe is very handy for everyday use.Standing at a 13.78" on its 3" base is a dual chamber clear glass Straight Tube. This pipe is constructed using heavy-duty 5mm thick glass throughout, and is designed with an Inline Perc to 5 holes design to optimize filtration for each hit. To top it off, the design also features a 3-Pinch Ice Catcher to make those hits cool and crisp. Included with this water pipe is a 22mm male bowl for dry herbs. The Uniqua percolator and bowel is blue . This Unique glass water pipe is producted and hand-blown by Smokditrots.

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