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1500 Seriest Chamber Pressure Filter

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Product Description
Characteristic: 1. The reinforced PP filter plate featured in smooth surface. high strength. light weight,anti-corrosive, acid and alkaline resistant, non-toxic and odorless is molding pressed with patent technology.2. The frame is welded steel structure with high strength, stable structure and long performance life3. Automatic shifting and discharging device,automatic drip tray, vibration and inclining device, automatic cloth washing system. PLC control  or relay control are optional according to actual situation. It is automatic operated with simple and secure operation panel. In order to make sure the safety of operator. The machine is equipped with several kinds safety device4. The slide way is made of SUS  which is anti-wearing and anti-corrosive5. Perfect in separating solids from liquids with maximum filtering pressure2.5 Mpa(25Bar)

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