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16-24m Passenger Yacht A

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YAMAR Passenger YachtA TypeMaterial: GRPLength: 52-79ft (16-24m)Width: 14.3ft (4.36m)Molded depth: 4.9ft (1.5m)Passenger number: 30-99Navigating Area / Level: Inland River Level A Engine: 130HPX2 Speed: 30km/hProducts in terms of quality, appearance, internal comfort, speed quick and so on, are carefully designed hull modeling.Has the characteristics of improving speed, reducing fuel consumption, saving the user's comprehensive cost, etc.. Yacht facilities are generally customized according to their own needs and the owner of the yacht, especially in small and medium yachts, but also the general of the yacht is the function of the yacht to design facilities.Yachts such as fashion, arts and crafts, especially the luxury yacht is a symbol of consumer identity, status, and thus the design requirements are very high.

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