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16-24m Passenger Yacht B

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YAMAR Passenger YachtB TypeMaterial: GRPLength: 52-79ft (16-24m)Width: 14.3ft (4.36m)Molded depth: 4.9ft (1.5m)Passenger number: 30-99Navigating Area / Level: Inland River Level A Engine: 130HPX2 Speed: 30km/h The streamline form of the yacht and the flow of space is infinite and outspread to all areas. Carefully crafted, blossom everywhere showily Anacreontic, avant-garde trend of the trend can not be blocked. The boat body lines hard and soft, very fashionable. The internal space layout, set up a new banner, porthole to give more natural light, transparent and warm smell of the noble. The diversification of the layout, to meet the individual needs of the owner to choose our brand since the concept of lasting. Professional and excellent hull structure and design for the yacht to win over the excellence of the comfort and comfort.  Interior design features a dynamic design, bringing people bright and luxurious interior environment.

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