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180 Degree Return Bend

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.table{ border-collapse:collapse;} .table td, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px;}Item No.DescriptionspecificationSP-C5004         180 degree return bendODID3/83/81/21/25/85/83/43/4 7/8 1 1-1/8 1-3/81.The Tripod series apply to pipe connecting of condensers and evaporators in various refrigeration system.1. The material is TP2,and conforming to GB/T1527-1997 standard.2. The product is manufactured with advanced processing technique and one-piece construction.It is featured in high precision,high intensity,surface shining,corrosion resisting and easy assembling,etc.3. The part complies with ROHS directive.4. The technical parameter and specification can be customized by the drawings or the actual samples from home and abroad.

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