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18650 Li-ion Battery

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If you are looking for high quality 18650 li-ion battery from professional China company and factory,Website:http://www.gzwamabattery.com, please feel free to contact Wama Electronic, we are one of the leading China 18650 li-ion battery, icr18650 manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale products from us.18650 Li-ion Battery3.7V 18650 Li-ion battery is belong to rechargeable battery, the battery is put PCM protect board and without protect board two kinds, the + side have sharp side and common side.  We are always suppling high quality 18650 battery with new battery body, grade A quality, full real capacity, long discharging time,etc.Purpose: LED flashlight,Laptop, etc electric productsCapacity: Our 18650 real capacity: 2600mah,2400mah,2200mah etcGuarantee: 1 year quality guarantee.Quality Certification: our Li-ion 18650 battery have passed SGS,UL certification, so it may be use in all the worldFEATURESModelVoltage(V)Capacity(mAh)Size (mm)Weight (g)DiaHeightICR144303.763014.342.817ICR144703.770014.346.819ICR145003.772014.350.020ICR146503.7100014.364.824ICR173503.760017.034.818ICR175003.7100017.050.028ICR176503.7145017.065.036ICR185003.7135018.050.032ICR186503.7220018.065.045ICR186503.7240018.065.045ICR186503.7260018.065.045pls contact us directly if you need more technical information.

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