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1ch Active utp cctv video Balun (vb300t)

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1ch Active Transmission UTP CCTV Video Balun for Cameras (VB300T)Description:The Active Transmission UPT CCTV Video Balun VB300T active UTP video transmitter is to convert the video signal into the balanced signal applicable to be transmitted on common Cat-5 unshielded twisted pair wire with perfect transmission effect, which can be applied in the occasions such as video monitoring and video meeting and can transmit four channels of video image simultaneously on an 8-core Cat-5 twisted pair wire. It can simplify the wiring project and save wire use quantity.Features:1. Adopt differential signal transmission with excellent anti-jamming ability2. Save project wire expenses, each a pair of twisted pair wire transmits one channel of video signal and one common Cat-5 unshielded twisted pair wire can simultaneously transmit four channels of video signal3. The farthest transmission distance can reach 1200m if it is used with active receiver 4. Outstanding interference rejection, transient protection5. Third gear gain amplification adjustment6. "Press-Fit" terminal block7. ABS plastic caseTechnical specifications:1ch Active Transmission UPT CCTV Video Balun for cameras (VB300T)Video FormatNTSC, PAL, and SECAM Frequency ResponseDC to 5MHzAttenuation0.5dB typCMRR60 dB ImpedanceCoax, Male BNC75 ohms RJ45/Terminal Block100 ohmsWorking environmentWorking Temperature-10℃ to +70℃ Storage Temperature-30℃ to +70℃Humidity 0 to 95%Wire TypeUTP5ConnectorMale BNC and "Press-Fit" terminal blocksPower12VDCCaseMetalType of the required wire:Unshielded Cat-5 or above twisted pair wire (Please use standard Cat-5 or above twisted pair wire. The wire quality will directly affect the transmitted image effect and transmission distance.)Characteristic impedance:100Ω±20ΩDC loop resistance: 18Ω/100mDifferential capacitance: 62pf/m (maximum)Connection method:Connect the two-color wires of a pair of Cat-5 unshielded twisted pair wire to the '+’ terminal of the green socket and connect the single-color wires to the '-’ terminal of the green socket. Connect the BNC interface of the transmitter to the BNC interface of the camera. If there is any joint in the circuit, please adopt welding method or special junction box to ensure perfect contact at the joint.Adjusting method:Adjust and slide the switch according to the distance.Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy does my video look like a scrambled Cable TV signal?This typically indicates reversed polarity. Can shielded twisted pair be used?Some customers have successfully used shielded wire up to a few hundred feet. However we does not recommend it. Its high-frequency roll-off will severely degrade the distance performance. Can Category 6 wire be used?Yes. Unshielded Twisted Pair wire, Category 5 or better, can be used with UTP video transceiver.Can I transmit more than one video signal in a multi-pair wire bundle?Yes. One of the benefits of using UTP video transceivers is interference rejection. UTP video signals can reside in the same wire bundle as multiple video signals, ringing telephones, Ethernet, low voltage power, RS-422, RS-485, etc.Application Diagram

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