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1ch Hd Ip Poe Extender For Cctv Camera (ipve602-zn)

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1CH HD IP PoE Extender for CCTV Camera (IPVE602-ZN) Description:HD IP POE Extender is new designed Ethernet Device. This device is designed to extend IP camera signal over existing coaxial cable, support 10pcs IP cameras working in one group simultaneously. The max distance is up to 2500M, network max baud rate is up to 100Mbps.It has excellent lightning protection and Anti-interference. Inbuilt Industry level intelligent auto-monitoring module (this function is optional), this function can make the device intelligent detect circuit individually, all time automatically detect network communication link exceptional situation. If any link is abnormal, it make the device recover to link the communication automatically, ensure the network communication link data transmission stably. Really realize never loss network connection, never crash industry network transmission. Guarantee surveillance zone security.This series products are widely used in CCTV surveillance and remote network extension. Features:Inbuilt Industry level intelligent auto-monitoring module.1、 Transmit 10/100 Mb Full Duplex Ethernet up to 8000ft (2500m) or more over Coax Cable. 2、 Voltage: DC 12V~53V (POE model: DC 48V~53V)Powers PoE, or High Power PoE cameras, up to 60 watts.3、 Easy configuration, no PC required4、 Transparently supports all networking protocols (UTP, TCP/IP, HTTP, Multicast with IGMP, etc)5、 Code standard: abide by IEEE802.3 10/100 base-TX Ethernet standard protocol6、 Advanced 128-bit AES encrypted transmission and PoE+ power technology7、 Built-in transient protection; industrial temperature range, excellent lightning protection and strongly Anti-interference, surge protection8、 Protection: Excellent Circuit Isolation protection, effectively enhance the device ability of lightning proof, anti-static, anti-interference. Installation Steps:Before installation, check the device and accessories. If meet any parts loss, you can just contact us.1、HD IP POE Extender                       1pc2、Manual                                             1pc3、Power Supply (optional device) Please follow the below steps to install:1、 Firstly Connect the signal cables, then connect Power. (Install with power may destroy device)2、 Connect NVR/Switches:--RJ45 Ethernet (CAT5e/6) cable one side connect the Device Ethernet Port--RJ45 Ethernet (CAT5e/6) cable another side connect NVR/Switches Port--Use Coaxial cable one side connect the Device BNC     3、Connect the IPC.--RJ45 Ethernet (CAT5e/6) cable one side connect the Device Ethernet Port--RJ45 Ethernet (CAT5e/6) cable another side connect IPC net Port--Use Coaxial cable another side connect the Device BNC4、Check the installation is right, device is no damage, guarantee all the link is stable, connect the power supply cable, to power the whole system. Failure Removal:If the device meets trouble, follow the below steps to solve:1、 According to the LED indicator primary localize the trouble occur region2、 If LED all is lighting off, please check whether the system power is normal3、 If only Net port LED indicator is lighting off, please check whether the network cable link is Loose, and check all the IPC/Switches etc Device is working normally4、 If only BNC link LED indicator is lighting off, please check the below reasons:--Whether the Coaxial cable is Loose--Whether the Coaxial Cable length beyond the MAX transmission distance--Whether the 2 interconnection devices’ password are not same      5、After above detection, if the trouble is still not solved, please contact us. Specifications:ItemsDescriptionTechnology StandardStandardHome Plug AVIEEE 802.3 10/100 Ethernet (100Mbps)IEEE 802.3u Fast EthernetEncryption AlgorithmAlgorithm128-bit AESPowerSupply modePower AdapterVoltage rangeDC 12V~53V (POE: DC 48V~53V)Consumption3000h Application:

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